Cure for hepatitis C in patients with HIV in the cards?

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Cure for hepatitis C in patients with HIV in the cards? ;

According to a test study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that combination therapy is effective drug for treating chronic hepatitis C in most patients infected with HIV. This study can transform the lives of patients infected with the terrible HIV and hepatitis C, which is one of the leading causes of death in patients coinfected with HIV positive.

Mark Sulkowski, medical director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins for Viral Hepatitis said: “Due to poor patient tolerance to the standards of previous treatment available for hepatitis C patients infected with both diseases (co: infection patients) were quite difficult to treat “(ie.! Coming soon – vaccines for HIV and hepatitis C )

Now, data from a clinical phase III trial have been incorporated into (FDA) approval of the new drug called sofosbuvir Administration Food and Drug United. ‘Treatment with a new all-oral regimen – sofosbuvir and ribavirin – is now seen at the label, “the researchers reported for the test, doctors give sofosbuvir and ribavirin for a total of 223 patients chronically HIV-1 co. it infected with hepatitis C, either for 12 weeks (Read: Coming soon – A vaginal gel can prevent HIV .?)

twelve weeks after end of treatment, the researchers examined patients again by infection with hepatitis C to determine if the treatment was effective. found that 76 percent of patients with genotype 1 , 88 percent with genotypes 2 and 67 percent with genotype 3 were cured. “we have always called this being” the SVR, but now we know that means hepatitis C has healed, ‘Sulkowski said. (Read Coming soon – a drug that protects people from HIV infection for three months )

What is HIV / AIDS ?

HIV / AIDS is a disease that affects the human immune system. AIDS is the final stage of infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). If an HIV positive person is left untreated, his / her condition deteriorates in full-blown AIDS where the immune system stops working. Thus, the immune system is unable to protect the person from diseases or infections. The virus can be transmitted from an HIV-positive person through the exchange of bodily fluids. This can occur through sex, blood transfusion, needles, or from mother to child during pregnancy contact. Although there is no cure yet, antiretroviral therapy has proved very effective. (Read: HIV / AIDS – causes, symptoms, tests, treatment and )

What is Hepatitis C (HCV)?

hepatitis C, also known as HCV is mostly also transmitted through exposure to infectious blood. This can occur through blood transfusions and contaminated with HCV, injections contaminated blood products during medical procedures, and through injection drug use. Sexual transmission is also possible, but is much less common. There is no vaccine for HCV. Know more about Hepatitis C – causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

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