Facebook networks helps raise 18 lakh for liver transplant to save lives

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Facebook networks helps raise 18 lakh for liver transplant to save lives ;


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A month and a half ago Srijani Halder had fallen into a coma after the sudden onset of jaundice that irreversibly damaged his liver. Your liver transplant to save life came in the form of a strange mix of family support and social network.

While his mother donated part of his liver, his friends funneled Facebook to raise around Rs. 18 lakh (Rs 1.8 million) for the procedure. For 20 years, Halder, a resident of Calcutta, the normal college life took a completely unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with jaundice in March and end. As his condition downward spiral, conventional therapies failed the second year student of economic honor at the University of San Javier in the city.

Time was running out and on May 27, his parents had to face the harsh reality – Srijani was in a coma and urgent liver transplant was essential. His mother Babita ‘did not think twice’. Babita agreed to donate 65 percent of his liver desire was to save the life of his daughter. He did not realize that the liver regenerates to its normal size after a portion is donated.

Meanwhile, as Srijani remained in a coma, his companions lot, seniors and teachers launched a massive online campaign through Facebook to raise around Rs.18 Rs.22 lakh lakh required for transplantation.

‘I am overwhelmed. Facebook is impressive. I have no words to express. The connection between my mother and me has deepened as she has given me about 900 grams of liver. She has given me a second life as my family and friends have given me a new life, ‘Srijani, who has taken a year off from his university, told IANS. (Read: Liver regeneration using cell therapy a possibility )

“I can not imagine what was the situation while he was in coma. All I know is that my family, friends and Facebook fought the battle for me, “he added. messages about the plight of Srijani and bank account number his father was passed through the social network which begins on May 27 chain share provoked a huge response within a few days, his father Anjan said.

“we have raised around Rs.4 lakh but needed all amount. the total cost, including post-operative and pre-operative processes came close to Rs. 30 lakh. they were his friends that momentum and within the next few days, the money was available, ‘Anjan IANS.

the whole episode has shown the father of Srijani a fresh face of social networks. “not only our relatives and acquaintances chip, funds flow into people who were unknown. This is what attracted me most about Facebook. I am very grateful, “Anjan, an employee of a nationalized bank said (Read: Liver transplants: Frequently Asked Questions answered by a renowned transplant surgeon liver ).

While the set of precautions so that his mother are not much, Srijani has been advised extreme caution for the next six months to prevent infection. ‘She was treated previously at two other hospitals. then she came to us. the challenge was all the more because it was an acute case (viral hepatitis a infection) and in such sudden cases, no time to plan. we did everything within 36 hours, ‘gastroenterologist Mahesh Goenka of hospital Apollo Gleneagles, under which he was admitted Srijani, he told IANS.

“this was the first liver transplant in eastern India in an acute situation,” he added.

How is the liver ‘transplant’?

operations donors and recipients stay together. the liver is removed from the patient. Meanwhile, the liver from a donor (part of it in the case of transplants from living donors) is eliminated. The donor liver was washed with a preservative solution and blood vessels and bile ducts are prepared to join the patient’s blood vessels and bile ducts. This often involves the expansion of the blood vessel with a vein graft. The liver from a donor rather then implanted liver receptor to join the blood vessels and bile ducts corresponding.

need a liver transplant? Why?

A liver transplant is most commonly required by patients whose liver is failing because due to cirrhosis or acute liver failure. Some patients with liver cancer are also candidates for liver transplantation. The cancer often develops in those with cirrhosis and already extensive surgery to remove the tumor is not possible in these cases. There are rare indications as some genetic diseases as well. Read more about Liver transplants: Frequently Asked Questions

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