Heavily sweetened energy drinks trigger hyperactivity in children of middle school: Study

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Makes your children anti-social


Energy drinks are not only gaining popularity among athletes, but also to other young people. The high content of caffeine and sugar gives an instant surge of energy, but also causes many other health complications. Here are 6 Things about energy drinks did not know .

children Middle School consuming very sweetened energy drinks are 66 percent more likely to be at risk for symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention, a new study . The finding has implications for school success and lends support to existing recommendations to limit the amount of drink sweetened beverages school children. The authors also recommend that children avoid energy drinks, which in addition to high sugar levels also often contain caffeine. (Read: high-fat diet linked to ADHD in children )

“Our results support the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that parents should limit consumption of sugary drinks and that children should not consume any energy drink,” said lead researcher Jeannette Ickovics at the Yale school of Public Health. the research team examined 1,649 students randomly selected from a single urban school district in Connecticut high school. the researchers found that children were more likely to consume energy drinks than girls. the average age of participants was 12.4 years student. (Read 😕 My son suffers from ADHD, what are your treatment options )

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‘as the total number of sugar-sweetened beverages increased, so did the risk of symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention among students middle school. Importantly, it appears that energy drinks are driving this association, “said Ickovics. In addition to hyperactivity and inattention, sugary drinks largely also influence childhood obesity, Ickovics said. The study was published in the magazine Academic Pediatrics . (Read: How exercise can help children with ADHD )

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