Peshawar School Attack: What makes a terrorist kills innocent children

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? Peshawar school attack

While the world is reeling under the latest attack against a Army School in Peshawar where countless children and teachers were killed terrorists, world people are expressing remorse for the incident. The incident certainly raises a very important question, what makes a terrorist? While everyone talks about world peace, we take a step further and try to understand what happens inside the mind of a terrorist.

Why are the terrorists kill children? And why are children are taught to be a terrorist?

In a memorable episode of Vice, a show aired on HBO, Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice went to Afghanistan to see what really makes a terrorist and why the children were indoctrinated to be suicide bombers. Their findings were shocking.

During the show, Shane talks with extremists and terrorists, some of whom were young men who were just 14 years -old. In one such segments Shane spoke Kanjhar a 14-year-old suicide bomber who was captured by police before he detonated his vest packed with explosives. Here’s why the boy agreed to become a suicide bomber.

When he interviewed the boy said that when he was studying in a madrasa told him that if he ‘committed’ suicide bombing would go to paradise. When asked why and how he was willing to kill other human beings, the boy said he had not read much of Koran and he did not know much about what is allowed and what is not it is. He added that “they” told him he was allowed to suicide and he would go to paradise. But when asked why he did not detonate his vest, Kanjhar says, “When I was about to detonate I thought that if you press this button my body is in pieces, what is the point of that. After being arrested I give realize that I should not have done. “

Moreover, Abdul, another suicide bomber who had also been arrested said he was told that the infidels were tearing Koran and throw in the toilet. “I was angry when he saw the prophet’s name being insulted.” And adds. After talking about how he was asked to go to Afghanistan to train to fight the infidels, Shane asks him if he knew who the infidels. For Abdul says: “I do not know who they are, they said they came to Afghanistan and that we must commit jihad and go to paradise ” I do not know the translation of Koran , magnets told me about. what is written in Koran . “(As issued and translated in the TV series)

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While these guys talked about what they were led to believe, there another, more compelling reason for these terrorists side – why choose men who do

in a 2011 interview with Lutfulla Mashall, National Security Director, Kabul, Afghanistan, anchor vice president asked about why these terrorist organizations used to kill children. In the interview, said. “The reason teenagers, people who are not educated and those who are behind are selected by suicide attack is because these people have no education, no knowledge of what religious texts actually say By Moreover are naive. ” a person who has studied Koran a Talib or student, will never commit suicide. He will fight and may die, but will not be a strap pump around himself and die. “He adds. What makes this whole thing absolutely macabre is the fact that most of these children are not told they are carrying explosives. According to Lutfulla Mashall, these children are told they are carrying sacred documents and you just have to go and sit in front of a particular place. When it reaches the target, the people of the Taliban, who have the remote control to detonate the bomb. “In some cases, the child is told that the bomb will explode, and has the remote control in hand, but it is taught that the bomb will explode forward and not back, so it will kill the enemy and not him. “

While this may be a side of the coin and in my opinion, it may sound a little empathetic towards these people that kill millions of innocent people, this raises a very important question : How can you kill a child to another child? Why and how can a person kill others and himself? What should go in your mind while you kill? These human beings are born with the same emotions that we or are monsters who have no feelings of any kind? Well, to answer this question, we spoke to Dr. Radha, now retired HOD of clinical psychology, JIPMER, Pondicherry . Here’s what he had to say.

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What sets these guys apart from infiltrating schools and make it their mission to kill children? According to Dr. Radha , ‘There are many reasons why people do what they do. A look at early childhood can be a good indicator or what happens in the mind of a terrorist or a child who is willing to kill innocent people. “These are some reasons, she says, helps to shape the mind of a terrorist.

The need for revenge

What tops the list is the need for revenge and belief in the idea of ​​”an eye for an eye”. in the case of the bombing of Peshawar, people who took responsibility for the attack said they did so because the Pakistani Army was killing their family members and therefore decided to children Army. But what is pathetic is the fact that these men who actually carried out is not thought that once these children were innocent and had nothing to do with the death of their relatives. the sense of wanting the blood of another is a very powerful catalyst and can feed an entire crowd to start a massacre.

a troubled childhood

according to the evaluation Dr. Radha, things like a troubled childhood, broken families, abusive relationships, rejecting parents very early, poor living conditions, extreme poverty, lack of food, education and basic services can lead to this kind of mentality. But apart from all that, it is said that the only thing that impacts the mind of an older child is being raised and live in a place that sees only violence, bloodshed and hatred.

be with violence

For this compound these people are taught, either directly or indirectly, that must fight for a holy cause. These people are brought up in these environments where death and destruction on a daily basis are and are led to believe that this is the way of life.

The lack of basic education and understanding

People who become terrorists, either a child or an adult, also lack basic education and value They do not understand the good from the bad. You must understand that these people live in an area where religious beliefs color their view of the world, so that a religious leader says in law, is believed to be the gospel truth. These people do not know what true good of evil is.

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Another factor is that most terrorists or those who kill are sadists. No empathize and do not mind if they kill a child, an adult or anyone else. See someone in pain gives them pleasure.

mob mentality and evolutionary necessity belong

Besides the people who do these acts are often formed as a result of mob mentality. These men and women want to be accepted in the groups they think they are a part of, and to achieve the combined target groups.

Lack of empathy

Lack of empathy, and the belief that there are no bad consequences of their actions are also urged. So they do as they are told because their actions are rewarded for any of the belief that they will go to paradise or get money.

Poverty and the need to care for his family

Besides these people are also extremely poor families and are told that your family will get the money, his sisters married and your life will be safe – a lure that is more than enough to get a terrorist movement to join.

But why these people agree to die? And the innate sense of defense we have?

must realize that these people are told that if they die are rewarded or his family is rewarded. So for them the long-term benefits are larger and much better than living. These men were also said to be tortured if they are captured, the greatest mission will fail and may be threatened with other adverse consequences. They were also told they must die and not be trapped, because if they do, then your life will be worse than death.

All the reasons that make a terrorist aside, the fact that the world is at war is very worrying. When children have to pay the price for something that adults believe it is a good cause, the end can never be a good idea. us hope that families who have lost loved ones to this senseless attack to find something like peace. Image source: Getty Images

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