Philips Healthcare to provide home respiratory care specialist in association with Nightingales

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Philips Healthcare to provide home respiratory care specialist in association with Nightingales ;


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in a move that shows the growing importance of home care specialty, an important medical technology and home care specialist company have partnered to provide respiratory care specialty patients at home . Bangalore specialty care company based at home Nightingales under Medwell Ventures, he has entered a first such partnership with the world’s leading medical technology Philips Healthcare to provide respiratory care services specialized home patients. These services will be available in very short Meters Meters and Semi.

Respiratory disorders are growing at an alarming rate in India and more than 100 million Indians suffer from some degree of respiratory diseases. It is also estimated that 5-15% of the indigenous population in metropolitan areas suffer from respiratory disorders.

Among the many respiratory disorders COPD is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, according to WHO more than 65mn people worldwide have moderate to severe COPD and is one of the main causes of recurrent hospitalizations with a readmission rate to 25% so it is an expensive disease to treat. In India there are an estimated 30 million patients with COPD and its increase is being factors contributed as under-diagnosis, poor continuity of treatment and proper care at home. For patients with respiratory diseases there is a need of specialized care and constant monitoring to crucial homebecomes with main ventilation and oxygen therapy at home. Often, patients lack this type of specialized care at home, exacerbating the disease. If professional installation of medical care is provided at home then these patients most critical complications can be avoided.

“The increasing incidences of respiratory disorders and the need for continuing specialized care in many cases, makes services respiratory- home-based care an essential aspect of management of the illness. The services offered by Philips willenormously Nightingales and help patients and their families, improving significantly reduce recurrent patient’streatment outcomesand hospitalisationsin several cases, ‘says leading pulmonologist, Dr.K.S. Satish.

effective home management of respiratory disorders begins with a personalized care protocol and plan for the patient, carefully prepared by the main components dealing doctor.The care plan include drugs lung, oxygen therapy, noninvasive ventilatory support, pulmonary rehabilitation techniques, breathing exercises, muscle enhancement / strengthening and cleaning the discharge. Nightingales provide all these services to their patients at home with the help of his mastery of the team of nurses and rehabilitation specialists.

Under the new partnership, Nightingales will take their services for home specialty for patients with respiratory failure at an advanced level, making breathing apparatus as the fan noninvasive (VNI) and the oxygen concentrator Philips, available to patients in their homes. Moreover, respiratory therapists and nurses who specialize in pulmonology will be trained by Philips as world-class protocols to work in sync and provide the most advanced support and effective treatment for the patient.

The patient also register with the Call Center of Philips, where all patient data are stored. support patient education will be provided, promoting healthy behaviors and self-care, leading to better clinical outcomes.The Call Center will also assign a nurse and respiratory therapist for each patient and for regular monitoring visits. Any concerns raised for the call center by the patient, shall be resolved immediately by the medical team. Regular home visits by medical staff and monitoring of doctors treating also be guaranteed.

Infectious diseases experts also mentioned that variants of influenza and viral respiratory diseases have become more acute is increasing the prevalence of respiratory disorders in the community.

With these advanced and house protocol driven respiratory care facilities Nightingales, patients with complex respiratory disorders will be able to frequent prevent re-hospitalizations and improve their quality of life .only if very acute episodes; the patient will require hospitalization.

Speaking of this unique partnership, where the best respiratory Philips technologies will improve respiratory care services Nightingales Interior, Mr. Lalit Pai, CEO, Nightingales says, “This partnership marks a major step forward in the airways in home health services offered in India. This partnership reflects Nightingales management approach based on chronic home of disease and provide patients with a new care pathway. Philips has a respiratory technology home care dedicated will back care protocols and together strive to provide a new level of respiratory care at home .

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