Scientists at IISc, Bangalore, use stem cells to grow heart cells

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Scientists around the world have invested their time and money on stem cell research to develop new methods for treating various diseases and conditions. As reported by the Hindu, this time, scientists at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore based (IIS) have successfully grown heart cells using stem cells from a mouse.The research was conducted during seven long years and led to the development of cardiac cells that function and rhythm rhythms as does an original cell.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the basic cells of our body and mature into different cells different from belonging to different tissues. They derived from human umbilical cord or bone marrow. Immunotherapy is based on the principle that the stem cells migrate injury site and are transformed to form new tissue cells that can replace damaged. They have the ability to multiply and renew themselves almost indefinitely and can form mature nerve cells, muscle cells and blood cells. In this therapy they are removed from the body and maintained under artificial conditions (also known as induction of stem cells) in which mature in the cell type required to cure that a particular body part. Read more about mother therapy cells.

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Hitherto stem cells have been widely used for the treatment of various diseases such as:

Type 1 diabetes: Researchers have found that cells mother can become insulin producing cells and thus can be used to treat type 1 diabetes cells grown in the laboratory they must be implanted in humans to be mature and fully functional.

Hearing loss: The most common cause of hearing loss is damage to the inner ear. A study revealed that the spiral ganglion mother (cells found in the inner ear) cells can be used to restore hearing. The mother of spiral ganglion cells have an innate ability to self renew and differentiate into different cell types and these spiral ganglion can be regenerated and differentiated into mature spiral ganglion, nerve and glial cells. Therefore, they can be used to design the internal neuronal structure of the ear that can help treat hearing problems (ie: They design new type of stem cells to build organs )

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brain tumors: this research breakthrough, scientists caught the herpes virus in stem cells and used to specifically target brain tumors. This experiment significantly improved survival rates in mice with the most common brain tumor in humans, glioblastoma multiforme. The mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) cells were used as delivery systems and effective drugs are used to transport the virus to fight cancer. This virus helped reduce tumor volume when passing from stem cells in tumor cells. This technique has helped design new treatments for this cancer.

Heart disease Researchers have designed a “mini heart from stem cells to help restore the flow of blood from the veins lacking functional valves A sleeve like. body is made from heart muscle cells that can be implanted on the veins to help blood flow through venous segments. Because this sleeve is made from the patient’s own cells, which reduces the chances of tissue rejection . (Read: the skin stem cells now to cure obesity )

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