Should we be wary of new TB medicine?

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Should we be wary of new TB medicine? ;

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Health experts have revealed that the new drug-resistant TB shows promise, however, it should be approached cautiously . The Group Research Community Advisory (CRAG) argue that research on bedaquiline – a new drug, fast track for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) – should proceed with caution in people with sensitive tuberculosis to drugs and investigators were urged to balance the goal of shortening the treatment for drug-sensitive patient safety with tuberculosis. Current treatments for demonstrating resistant tuberculosis drugs improve outcomes when they were continued for 18 to 24 months, and even then cure rates ranging from 11 percent to 79 percent depending on the magnitude of the resistance. This represents an enormous burden on both health centers and patients to stick to a strict, toxic, and prolonged regime, often in places where resources are available and cost make long drug treatments difficult to implement. (Read: resistant to anti-TB drugs – causes, types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and management )

The authors noted that the drug has several security issues that must be addressed before testing the drug in people with drug-sensitive tuberculosis, which already have a very effective treatment option and how different risk-benefit considerations, such face that people with drug-resistant TB. In a phase 2 trial, significantly more participants receiving bedaquiline died than those who received placebo. Most of these deaths had no common cause and came months after the trial, but due to the long half life of the drug, adverse effects of the drug can not be ruled out. Close monitoring tracking due to a higher rate of liver toxicity and cardiac observed in patients receiving bedaquiline is necessary. (Read: 6 Strategies to overcome the challenges in the treatment of tuberculosis )

According to co-chair Dorothy CRAG Namutamba, bedaquiline shows great promise to improve treatment in the future. However, the drug also shows potentially serious adverse effects ranging from liver toxicity, abnormal electrical rhythm of the heart, and even death. As evidence of this new drug is considered in patients with drug-sensitive tuberculosis, researchers have to carefully balance the potential of the new drug benefit while making sure to always place the safety of trial participants at the forefront of any consideration . (Read: 9 symptoms of tuberculosis )

Here are some facts about tuberculoasis

n India, 2 patients succumb every three minutes to TB disease. Mumbai city subways as to have it worse because of poor sanitation and widespread poverty. Despite our best efforts to control this disease, mortality has been increasing. The worst are the new resistant forms of tuberculosis that are coming many baffled doctors. Here are some things you should know about the deadly disease:

1. Most of us have latent TB foci within our lungs . We are all exposed to the body early in life and we have formed foci of infection in the lungs (primary TB). Our immune system would have contained the infection and prevented us from suffering the disease. It is when our immune system is weakened for some reason or feel overwhelmed by infection or any other cause, we suffer the disease (reactivation). Organisms can travel from the foci of infection in the lungs to other sites that lead to secondary infection (TB of the lymph nodes, spine, etc).

2. By maintaining good health and immunity, you can avoid becoming infected with tuberculosis . Nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, exercise and live a life with minimal stress go a long way to help our immunity to fight any infection and tuberculosis. Work on improving your immunity by including diet rich in antioxidants. Atleast have 4-5 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. If it can not be due to certain practical limitations, be sure to take your daily dose of antioxidants / multivitamins after consulting your doctor. Antioxidants help fight free radicals produced in the body due to any kind of illness / stress and helps in cell repair.

3. The fresh air and sunlight can help prevent tuberculosis . TB germs can live in cold and wet in places. Whether you’re at home or in the office, remember to open all windows for a major part of the day to allow sunlight and air.

4. Tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs but can also affect other organs . Cough that lasts more than three weeks, traces of blood in the sputum (phlegm), low fever, breathing difficulties and unexplained weight loss are the most common symptoms of tuberculosis in the lungs. TB in other organ systems present with varied symptoms. For example: TB skin may present with an ulcer that does not heal, tuberculosis of the spine may present with back pain, stiffness or swelling in the back / groin intestines TB may present with abdominal distension and constipation absolute. Even an anal fistula nonhealing could be due to tuberculosis. lymph node TB you can present with swelling in various body sites. TB cover the brain and spinal cord can cause TB meningitis , especially in children. Read more Ten facts you did not know about tuberculosis

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