small intestine transplant 37-year-old successfully: Kerala first by AIMS

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Kochi , January 20, 2015: first is kind, Kerala witnessed its first transplanatation small bowel. This is a great achievement, since states that is the first of its kind in Kerala, the small bowel transplantation was carried out successfully by doctors at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi. Transplant surgery, lasting six hours, was held in a 37-year-old Seena Shojan of Irinjalakuda January 5 The patient had undergone several surgeries ‘small bowel resection’ during the last six years, according to doctors. (Read: first pancreas and kidney transplant performed in Kochi Kerala )

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The normal length of the small intestine is 5-6 meters. A normal human being requires at least two meters from the small intestine for survival. Seena was 96 cm in length of the small intestine only. For the last month, she was in critical condition and the only option for her was the transplant, the hospital said. The patient’s condition is stable now. Although it has begun to take normal diet, the transplanted small intestine will take about two months to get all their normal duties, hospital officials said. (Read: Techie suffers intestinal transplant success )

During this period will be under strict supervision. The transplant was made possible by the decision of the family of a 38-year-old who was declared brain dead in another hospital after an accident. His family gave consent to donate his heart, kidneys, liver, small intestine and two corneas. Small intestine, heart and liver transplants were performed at the Amrita Hospital. While a patient of 45 years old, suffers from end-stage heart disease received the heart, the liver was transplanted into a woman suffering from acute liver failure. Organ donation was facilitated by the Network for Organ Sharing Kerala (KNOS), coordinating body of the state government for organ retrieval and sharing. (Read: hand transplant for the first time in India in AIMS Kochi )

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