Study emphasizes the need for advanced diagnostics to detect genital tuberculosis

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The role of advanced diagnostics to detect genital tuberculosis , which is linked to infertility in humans, is extremely important, an expert said here on Thursday. A recent study by Indian Journal of Medical Research through a survey indicated that the number of women with genital tuberculosis in India increased to 30 percent in 2015 from 19 percent in 2011. For women who have trouble conceiving, was a crucial factor diagnosis and prompt treatment can prevent complications, the expert said. “On a scale of ten, the importance of advanced techniques nine. The technologies are available in India, but the mere availability is not enough,” Anjan Mukherjee, a specialist in microbiology at AIIMS, said here. (Read: The genital tuberculosis could be one of the main causes of female infertility )

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‘We must train how to use technologies and to make optimum use … as shows to take, how to send the sample, what you can expect from the presentation, what to do after the report comes, ‘Mukherjee explained. Techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and amendments thereto, as well as systems such as MGIT (fully automatic detection system) have become effective tools to zero in TB bacteria. “In addition to detection, is also very important to know what drug will be effective,” Mukherjee, consultant microbiologist and physician infection control said. Here’s a detailed information about usual diagnostic tests for tuberculosis .

The expert said a mixture of biopsy techniques for advanced molecular diagnostics, and a team of specialists from different backgrounds (gynecologists, microbiologists, medical, etc.) is essential to treat and control the disease. Different aspects of genital tuberculosis, including diagnostics will be discussed in a workshop one day on January 24, organized by Srishti infertility clinic. (Read: genital TB, a silent intruder causes infertility )

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