The latest Ebola: Second health worker tests positive for Ebola in Texas

Oct 15, 2014 | | Say something

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In a surprising turn of events, other health worker in Dallas, Texas, has tested positive for Ebola. The worker had taken care of the first Ebola patient in the US, Thomas Duncan, who died on October 8.

The worker reported to work with a fever and was immediately quarantined and tested for infection with the Ebola virus at Presbyterian Hospital Health of Texas in Dallas, according to reports by the Department Texas Health.
While initial tests confirmed the infection, medical workers are still waiting for the results of the confirmatory test is done at the CDC in Atlanta.

further hospital has conducted a preliminary interview with the employee to identify all the people he / she was contacted to identify any further cases of possible infection. The hospital plans to monitor those based on the type of contact that the employee had with them.
Identifying the cause of the spread of infection, the largest nurses union in the United States said Thomas Duncan was left in an open area in the emergency room of the hospital area and nurses treating him worked for days without any of appropriate protective equipment and had to constantly changing handling protocols.

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While officials continue to deny knowing how the first health worker, Nina Pham, was infected, the second case points to negligence beyond how an individual can be worn and removed personal protective clothing.
In a statement CDC said, ‘A test of health care positive additional worker for Ebola is a serious problem, and the CDC has already taken active measures to minimize the risk to workers and patient health. “

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