Why do I have sweaty palms? (Consultation)

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Why do I have sweaty palms? (Consultation) ; shutterstock_377985064

am a woman of 24 years old and I have very sweaty palms. Even if it is not too hot or humid, I realized my sweaty palms are always due to which I have to keep Kleenex in your pocket all the time and wipe my hands thoroughly before shaking someone’s hand. They also face difficulties in opening doors or holding certain objects for a long time because of this problem. What are the causes of sweaty palms and should be worried?

This query was answered by Dr. Pradip Shah, medical consultant, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai .

Sweaty palms are not a cause of concern when it comes to your health and general welfare. Actually, it is quite common that people have sweaty palms, especially during the summer when the humidity is at its highest point. However, for those who have sweaty palms despite the weather conditions, the main cause is excessive sweating or usually what is medically known as hyperhidrosis.

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people only in your palms sweat excessively suffer from a condition known as palmar hyperhidrosis. This is the most common cause of wet hands. Excessive sweating can occur regardless of temperature or any physical activity and this is due to overactive sweat glands. Here are expert advice to treat excessive sweating .

Another major cause of sweaty palms is when the person is suffering from anxiety or is in a situation of stress or even exciting. The sweat glands are present mainly in the feet and hands of a person and are connected directly to the sympathetic nervous system, which is activated when stressed.

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Apart from anxiety and stress , no underlying health conditions that cause sweaty palms. Hyperhidrosis does not affect your health anyway and basically means ‘excessive sweating’. You can try these home remedies for sweaty palms that will help keep your hands dry.

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