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Apollo Munich Health Insurance , the company independent health insurance in the country, has introduced dengue Care , the first of exclusive country on the counter insurance policy to cover health expenses related to dengue. Launched along with defender Mark andlegendary cricketer company – Sourav Ganguly today in Delhi, dengue Care is a value for the policy money health insurance that focuses only on the treatment of dengue and covers both hospitalization and outpatient treatment. It is available in a prize one time very affordable Rs. 444 / – which means one rupee twenty paisa per day and provides Rs. 50,000 / – and Rs inpatient patients. OPD coverage

– 10 000 /.

The start of the monsoon season in India brings a lot of related to mosquitoes such as dengue diseases. In 2014, there were more than 40,000 dengue cases reported in India, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health. Estimated number of unreported cases is 6 million. The outbreak of dengue fever is common during June and runs through to November, and results in increased medical expenses of families around the average country.On, hospitalization for treatment of dengue individual has a cost of Rs. 35,000 / -. (Read: Dengue fever – treatment and prevention )

Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance said “According to our DNA to innovate and create simple products that are truly decisive in meeting of consumer needs, we have developed Care dengue. as the incidence of dengue cases is growing annually around the country, dengue Care is prepared to help people make better medical centers level to overcome dengue, and not worry about medical costs involved. Moreover, customers do not have to burn a hole in their covers existing health. the Care dengue is also ideal for those seeking a basic policy of health insurance product, but please buying a policy fully fledged ‘ (Read: complications of dengue that you should know ).

also present in event the legendary cricketer Sourav Ganguly said: “dengue is often assumed to attack the people living in and around the slums, but it is not necessarily true . dengue mosquito breeds in dirty water and can infect anyone, anywhere. Apollo Munich congratulate this path breaking product with great features, yet affordable. Actually, it costs Rs. 1.2 / – one day ‘.

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Realizing the need to provide comprehensive support to patients with dengue, Apollo Munich also launched an initiative ‘ Commitment against dengue ‘. In addition to financial aid, dengue patients also require blood platelets and is difficult to find donors in the time of need. As platelets can not be stored, access credentials thiscampaign invites people to volunteer to pledge their platelets for the needy. Apollo Munich has created a microsite (www.apollomunichinsurance.com/denguecare) that will serve as a unique platform for those who need and want to donate platelets. A person can enter his / her personal data such as name, city of residence and contact. When the need arises, Apollo Munich facilitate the donation of platelets.

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legendary cricket player – Sourav Ganguly shared his experience with dengue. “Having seen my daughter through dengue a few years ago, and the anxiety it causes, I urge everyone to pledge their platelets to help people suffering from dengue and they need to replenish lost platelets. So Please enter www.apollomunichinsurance.com/denguecare and sign up for the campaign Commitment against dengue ‘(Read: dengue on the rise, make sure your family is safe ).

About Apollo Munich health insurance Company

Apollo Munich offers innovative health and award-winning, personal accident plans and travel insurance, with the state of the art infrastructure and services uncomplicated by committed employees. it is a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals group, group care largest health Asia, and Munich health, business segment health Munich Re, which provides insurance global health reinsurance and excellence. (Read: Dengue prevention – 10 tips to stay safe from the disease )

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