Can we prevent brain neurological problems?

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Our brain might actually be regulating progression of glaucoma and other neuro-degenerative diseases, researchers say. The result has implications for neuroprotective therapies search. Glaucoma is a degenerative neuro disease where patients lose seemingly random patches of vision in each eye. Scientists have long thought that the progression of glaucoma is independent of – or controlled -. The brain

However, the study found that the progression of glaucoma is not random and that the brain may be involved after all. According to the study, patients with moderate to severe glaucoma keep the vision in one eye that was lost in the other -. Like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together (a “puzzle effect ‘) This pattern of vision loss is in stark contrast to the loss of a brain tumor or stroke , which makes the two eyes to develop blind spots in the same location (Read:. to keep the brain in shape with these 10 ways interesting and simple )

‘This suggests some communication between the eyes should be going and that can only occur in the brain, “said lead study author William Eric Sponsel of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Sponsel found that the effect of puzzle begins in the early stages of glaucoma and discover clues as to what part of the brain is responsible for optimizing the vision in the face of the slow destruction of glaucoma eye.

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“Our work has shown that the brain does not make us lose control of the same function on both sides of the brain if that can be avoided,” Sponsel said. Progression Alzheimer and Parkinson disease , which are similar biology neurodegenerative glaucoma, also be actively mediated by the brain. It seems likely that the same type of protection mechanism will be working with other neurodegenerative disorders. (Read 😕 neurolinguistic programming – you can train your brain to be more successful )

Researchers say that if the brain regulates neurodegeneration – that is, if the brain controls how he loses control – then scientists should be able to seek opportunities to delay or halt the progression of these diseases. The study was published in the Translational Vision Science and Technology (TVST).

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