Cancer can lead to fertility problems in younger patients

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A new study shows the lack of knowledge about fertility preservation options cancer among young patients. Factors such as gender, education, and the impact of insurance status if patients and their physicians have discussions and take action to preserve fertility during cancer treatment.

The study involved 459 adolescents and young adults who were diagnosed with cancer in 2007 or 2008. Dr. Margarett Shnorhavorian at the University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and colleagues conducted the study on the basis responses to a questionnaire.

The results? Only 70 percent of patients reported being told that treatment can affect your fertility. Male patients were twice as likely as female patients who report options fertility preservation were discussed. Most surprising, almost a third of men reported making arrangements for fertility preservation, which was four to five times higher than the rate observed in females. Read: stem cells could cure infertility in men

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However, the researchers found that between 2007 and 2008, both men and women reported an increase in discussions? the impact of therapy options fertility cancer and fertility preservation. It was also revealed that the discussion and action surrounding fertility preservation may be related to medical factors, socioeconomic status and condition of the patient, childrearing.

Moreover, among men, those without a college degree, those without private insurance, and those who were raising children were more likely to not make provisions for fertility preservation; very few women had made arrangements for preserving fertility similar analyzes. Read: Homeopathy for infertility

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The study appears online in the Journal cancer .

Source: IANS

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