Fight gains for most skin infections athletic high school

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Fight gains for most skin infections athletic high school ;

(HealthDay) among US high school athletes, the rate of skin infections is 2.27 per 100,000 exposures athlete, and most occur in the fighters, according to a study published in the April issue of Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology .

Kurt A. Ashack, of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in Grand Rapids, and colleagues reported the epidemiology of skin infections between the United .S. secondary athletes. The data were included in the School of Information online information for skin infections related to sport high school resulting in loss of time reported by a sample of US high schools from 2009/2010 through 2013/2014.

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The researchers identified 474 skin infections among 20,858,781 exhibitions athlete, for a rate of 2.27 per 100,000 exposures athlete. Most skin infections occurred in wrestling (73.6 percent), followed by football (17.9 percent). Bacterial infections and ringworm were the most frequent (60.6 and 28.4 percent, respectively). Head / neck and forearm were the body parts most commonly affected (25.3 and 12.7 percent, respectively).

“skin infections are an important subset of adverse events related to the sport of high school,” the authors write. “Understanding the epidemiology of skin infections related to sport should promote awareness and encourage prevention efforts based on evidence.”

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