There could be a link between stress and cancer?

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Stress has a number of harmful effects on your body. Since leads to hypertension due to depression. But if even that could lead to cancer, so you can breathe easy. According to a new study of stressful events they are not associated with cancer. Especially those stress disorder posttraumatic disorder (PTSD) . Held at the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), the study also showed there is also strong evidence of associations, even among select groups of the population.

‘The general public may have a perception that stress helps cancer occurrence, “said corresponding author Jaimie L. Gradus, assistant professor of psychiatry and epidemiology

“This study, however, provided no evidence that a serious chronic stress disorder such as PTSD is associated with the incidence of cancer,” he added.

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According to the researchers, the largest long period of study and sample allowed to examine associations that have not been previously studied as they were able to see the results of rare cancer and partnerships among important subgroups. How might also like to read about how stress affects your body

The researchers compared the rate of various cancer diagnoses among people with PTSD with the rate normalized cancer in the general population in the same time period.

The association between stress and cancer has been discussed in the scientific literature for over 70 years.

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Despite the plausible theories that can support this association, findings from clinical research have been mixed.

The document appeared in the European Journal of Epidemiology.

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