10 Tips To avoid high blood pressure

Apr 30, 2018 | | Say something

High blood pressure is very common in menopause, and estrogen dominance is often the cause. rebalance hormones naturally can help lower blood pressure returns to normal and so can these simple prevention techniques. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, dietary strategies will be crucial to control their levels. Avoid processed foods (because they […more]

Menopause does Give You an itch?

Apr 15, 2018 | | Say something

is a common symptom that accompanies menopause, and as usual is falling hormone levels that are usually behind him. You can restore the hormonal balance, and follow these simple home remedies to stop the itching. of all the symptoms of menopause that women report such as hot flashes and mood swings, one other crops frequently […more]

Increased risk of Osteoporosis belly fat

Apr 3, 2018 | | Say something

Most women naturally put on a few pounds during menopause, but new research says its important ends where it falls or you may be increasing your risk of osteoporosis. excess weight or pleasantly plump, or mimosa, or as he described in the past has been seen as giving protection woman developing osteoporosis, and that excess […more]

2 essentials for healthy weight loss

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who have tried everything to lose weight, but without success? Then it may be weight loss of resistance is slowing, so see if these tips can make a difference. weight is characterized by the inability to maintain a healthy weight despite exercise and diet. This is due to hormones and inflammation. Weight gain and abdominal […more]

Not sleep well?

Feb 3, 2018 | | Say something

Menopause and sleep problems seem to go hand in hand, but if you are suffering more than most, it may be that sleep apnea is the culprit. Sleep apnea, also called obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that disrupts normal breathing during sleep. Symptoms include: * Heavy snoring * periods of no breathing * Waking […more]

What food cravings can mean for your weight

Jan 30, 2018 | | Say something

As much as he may be trying to lose weight, sometimes just crave something sweet or sweet and they find it much more difficult to to resist. Did you know that you can relate to your hormonal balance, and not just your sweet tooth? despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, many women gain some […more]

HRT O Bioidentical hormones for you?

Jan 24, 2018 | | Say something

Hormones have the power to reverse the effects of aging and increase sexual activity. Find out why HRT is not the answer, but bioidentical hormones are. in his book 10 secrets of healthy aging , Patrick Holford discusses the hormonal balance in detail, and this extract focuses on why women have to consider why bioidentical […more]

5 common mistakes that can make Shedding fat belly harder

Dec 17, 2017 | | Say something

Shedding some of these unhealthy habits can also help you lose pounds so follow the advice of Dr. Mercola and begin to see that the belly cut. eating a diet too rich in processed foods (and therefore processed fructose and other added sugars), along with eating too often tend to be a leading cause a […more]

Diet to help combat estrogen dominance

Dec 1, 2017 | | Say something

At menopause women deposit excess estrogen in fat cells. bioidentical natural progesterone help balance this, but you can also help yourself through your diet. predominance of estrogen, excess estrogen is not balanced in your body by progesterone, is behind gain a lot of weight and bloating, and is linked to conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, […more]