Blondes might actually be more intelligent than those with other hair colors

Mar 26, 2016 | | Say something

If you are blonde, no doubt that it has had to deal with a dumb blonde joke at some point or another in their life. But a new study wonder that could turn the tables on some of the stereotypes surrounding hair color reports .

Researchers looked at the IQ of 10,878 Americans and found that white women who claim that their natural hair color is blond actually have an average score IQ is slightly above average IQ brunettes, redheads and black hair. The study provides a resounding deathblow to the idea that hair color has any links with intelligence.

Before blondes begin to boast the average IQ of each type of hair, however, was within 3 points of any other. So although blondes scored the highest, which was within a reasonable margin of error. In other words, it is not enough to say that blondes are more intelligent than the other reality. It is just enough to show that they are also not really dumber.

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“This study provides convincing evidence that there should be no discrimination against blondes based on their intelligence,” said Jay Zagorsky, study author and research scientist at Ohio State University.

study data is actually nothing new. He came from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY79), a national survey of people aged between 14 and 21 years old when interviewed for the first time in 1979. What happens is that the participants of this survey also took the test classification of the Armed Forces or AFQT in 1980, which is used by the Pentagon to determine the intelligence of all recruits. And in 1985, participants were asked to self-identify their hair color.

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For the current study, Zagorsky withdrew all African Americans and Hispanics in the survey in order to eliminate any ethnic bias. By the numbers, white women had blonde hair average IQ of 103.2, brown-haired women scored 102.7, 101.2 and redheads obtained damsels of black hair she has 100.5.

Given that blondes are also associated with the absolute stereotype of “have more fun” and are generally seen as more desirable, the latter study may be enough to make blondes not despise their counterparts sun blocked by jealousy. Maybe it’s jealousy that makes the false stereotype of the dumb blonde to begin with. Or perhaps just real dumb blondes protruded more, because of their higher convenience them up to have lower intelligence.

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On the other hand, perhaps there has never been any real basis for these stereotypes at all.

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