Mother of 4 breaks treadmill-running record

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Ah, the treadmill. It is probably one of the most feared – and boring – pieces of equipment in the gym. It is often used as a last resort when weather or daylight as much to keep a corridor inside , the treadmill – or dreadmill, as is often affectionately called – can make a mile seem like 20. what does the recent feat of a woman in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that much more impressive. By running 73.3 miles on a treadmill, Suzi Swinehart, a mother of 43-year-old broke the world record for treadmill current 12 hours.

Just let that sink in one minute: 73.3 miles … in 12 hours of operation on a treadmill …

Any of these achievements on their own would be awesome.. Add them up and you have an amazing feat.

Swinehart execution took place 08 a.m.-8 p.m. in Three Rivers Running Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While she is no stranger to distance running – has previously run four races of 100 miles – the farthest ran on a treadmill before this attempt was 30 miles, and that was the formation of this record

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of course, the big question is not so much how Swinehart ran more than 73 miles (although that is amazing), but the way it ran on a treadmill for 12 hours without completely losing his mind. Most runners know they consider one mile on the treadmill to be equal to twice the mileage on the road due to mental fatigue created.

“I can definitely make race to race 100 miles, but being in a place on a treadmill for 12 hours, mental, it is a great challenge “ Swinehart told local news station . “It’s the mental part that will be much more difficult than physics.”

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To combat this, Swinehart Roku brought her along and had planned to watch movies for 12 hours to take your mind off the fact that she was basically running like a hamster on a wheel. But frustrating, no one could find a way to get the Roku to work.

Fortunately, Swinehart never lacked for entertainment. He conducted interviews with reporters and talked with people who stopped to watch. Many of his fellow colleagues ultrarunning stopped to cheer all day long, even holding a contest of hula-hooping and dancing to entertain his friend.

De according to the Guinness World Record rules, Swinehart allowed to get on and off the treadmill to go to the bathroom fast. And she slowed to a walk of five minutes every hour so I could eat and drink. She also changed her shoes and shorts once during the day to avoid chafing and blisters

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husband Swinehart and four children. – Ages 5, 11, 13 and 16 – they reached the end of the day see it break the current record tape up 68.54 miles, and then continue working to smash.

“They were excited. They were loving it,” said in an interview Swinehart with the world runner . “My 5-year-old was impressive, I entertain the last minute just cheering for me, ‘Go mom!’ He’d stop and go, ‘Mom, are you tired?’ It was fun to have them there. “

Congratulations to Swinehart in his career-and to show that even an ordinary (his words), the mother can do great things with just taking one step at a time.

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