5 delicious and quick recipes for breakfast egg

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5 delicious and quick recipes for breakfast egg ; Egg recipes

Eggs are an amazing way to fill up in the morning while increasing your protein intake. I am very fond of eggs for breakfast. With little time to cook in the morning, I found five egg recipes that can be prepared in a jiffy. What’s more, they are healthy, light and delicious.

chai corn fried eggs

If you love too much to start the day with eggs, this is an incredible version of your favorite morning. The crunchy corn added to the dish is full of carbohydrates that can provide energy to start the day. Tea Recipe corn at the end which adds a unique flavor to this dish is not lost. Find here the recipe.

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egg roll

The next time you make an egg roll, be sure to add the beets and parsley for a healthy dose. This roll is rich in vitamins and also increase iron intake. Trust me, the kitchen roll up very well and does not need much culinary experience to do that either. Find here the recipe.

Masala egg scramble

This savory dish made with egg white is an excellent source of protein. With red and yellow peppers, this dish can be a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. Find here the recipe.

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Anda Poached

This recipe five ingredient is perfect for Sunday lunches, but do not worry, as you can whip until within minutes. What’s more, you can eat, even if you are on a weight loss diet because it is low in calories. Find here the recipe.

Anda bhurji

This dish is very delicious and easy. The sauteed vegetables not only improve the taste of the dish but also make it very healthy. You can link the bhurji with a simple salad for a quick meal. I love when served with toast. Find here the recipe.

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