Astro health predictions – January 1 week

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Planets that is the nature of contrast, Jupiter and Rahu raised in the House 6. in view of this, do not neglect minor seeks question here. Get it treated promptly so that it does not deteriorate and cause concern later. Doing aerobics or go to the gym regularly can help keep in shape.


related health problems calcium deficiency is likely to bother this week. Consumption of fruits and vegetables with high calcium content are to work well under control in question. And if your doctor considers it necessary, do not hesitate to go for dietary supplements to replenish your body’s need for proper calcium.


Some minor health problems are likely to keep bothering mostly along this week. Complaints related to slow digestion needs to be treated promptly. There is also a possibility to suffer an unexpected injury. So be very careful when falling in any physical activity, especially while driving.


If you have any health problems related to calcium deficiency, such as joint pain, you need to supplement calcium by eating more fruits and vegetables rich in calcium. This will help to keep the matter under control. Ganesha advises you to consult an expert nutritionist and make appropriate changes in your diet as for his / her advice.

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The ruler of your sign, Sun is set in the 6th House, indicative of health problems. This means that work stress is likely to tell on your health. Remain vigilant about viral infections here. Ganesha advises you not too stressed by their workload in the office, and under no circumstances should bring work home office, as it will increase stress .


Saturn aspects of his sign and own sign in House 6. In view of this, those of you who are suffering from joint pain or those with problems related to the respiratory system will take some time hard this week. It is necessary to treat the same urgency to save itself from other complications thereof.


Those who are middle-aged and above are likely to be concerned because of a health problem of age has turned against them. Try some alternative medicine can go a long way to help cure her. Overall there will be no health problem that bothers you this week, but be very careful while engaging in vigorous physical activity.

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transiting Mars sign, it is likely that the support to stay healthy. No danger of minor or major health is expected this week, says Ganesha. People with underlying health conditions such as low or high blood pressure , or those prone to allergies should take urgent noticing any unusual symptoms in the body measures.


On the health front, the common cold and cough are likely to bother. Do not forget this considering that as a minor problem, but treat it promptly. Those pains in the joints have to be extremely careful this week, especially those with arthritis need exercise great caution while indulging in any physical activity.


With respect to health, those with problems related to the need to nurse the same promptness respiratory system. Those who have joint pain are likely to suffer a lot here. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in calcium is likely to help in reducing pain intensity. Ganesha also advises the regular exercises to strengthen their immune system .

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On the front of health, a particular health problem of older that could have appeared to have been cured are likely to relapse, that great cause anxiety . Running a specialist doctor for the right medicine to cure it. Those of you who are need of middle age or older to make it a habit to take long walks at night to maintain fitness.


Sun rules the 6th House, indicative of health problems. Remain vigilant about viral infections, says Ganesha. Take all necessary measures to save themselves from further complications preventive measures. Stop addictions, if any, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Remember, “early to bed and early to rise keeps a healthy, wealthy and wise.”


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