Billy garnon seven tips to win incredible muscle

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Billy garnon seven tips to win incredible muscle ;

Muscle gain
BIlly Garnon
While many people struggle with weight loss, there are some for whom the struggle is gaining weight. William ‘Billy’ Michael Garnon a stock Master Physique Elite Trainer secrets to gain muscle and bulking us:

for some people can be quite difficult to add size or weight gain. The metabolism of the right person can play a role although this would be a small minority in the grand scheme of things. The reality is people do not eat enough 1. to support muscle hypertrophy and 2. train hard enough for the purpose of muscle gains.

only add calories will not help

Simply fill of calories will not help you gain more muscle. Although we do have to consume more than a caloric deficit to add size, everything goes back to the way we train and rest in and outside the gym.

cardio steady state trench, try Interview

Cardio regarding muscle gains it is vital for cardiovascular health and should not be overlooked in health in general. Now, there will be better training programs to help with the construction / muscle maintenance, but overall, long duration steady state cardio is no significant amount of muscle will add anyone without some kind of force behind it. Interview, on the other hand is very good for fat loss and is backed by scientific fats. It also improves muscular endurance, retention and definition. Try to add some HIIT to your training program 2-3 times a week and reap the benefits.

Weight Train four times a week

For me four times weight training week with a rest day in the alternative media is minimal. I guess three times for a beginner would be a good starting point with alternating superior-inferior system, but I personally advice lifting at least four days a week with a lot of overhead in the muscle (up to maximum capacity ).

Do not fall into the / trap overtraining deficit recovery

Overtraining occurs a lot of p eople in this day and age, and is mostly due to not listen to your body. He said that one can never ‘overtrain “only” low-to recover’. Decreases included may be due insufficient rest, lack of sleep or poor nutrition and supplementary. What I am saying is that unless you are really overexerting every day in the gym and not taking adequate rest in between, then it will overtrain and can be dangerous. Overtraining / deficit recovery could lead to lethargy, constant tiredness, muscle fatigue, injuries, lack of alertness and even a drastic drop in weight.

heavier weights not necessarily add larger muscles

Not quite true that weights more heavy are equal to the larger muscles. It is actually the reason for muscle tension remains in the training program will depend on muscle gains. Of course, if the weight you are using is too light, then you have to lift more weight to larger profits. A perfect program to gain muscle is my good friend Neil Y3T program ‘Yoda’ Hill, which consists of nine weeks of training three cycles each.

What is Y3T? In this system each cycle consists of three weeks, where the first week involves compound exercises (more than one joint and muscle group) with heavy weights, the second week has a mixture of compound and isolation ( a group of joints and muscles) with a moderate weight, while the third week are part of a mixture of compound exercises and isolation with a focus on high reps and high intensity.)

Eat small meals frequently

You should have 4-7 meals a day, including great shakes and 4-5 healthy meals a day. You may find it difficult to digest so much food at the beginning of your program. While eating often not directly give you bigger muscles, which will make you fit and healthy for the care of their levels of blood sugar, which facilitates the release of insulin from food, maintaining hormonal responses under control and help with protein synthesis. To create the ideal body, you have to train smart and hard and learn to listen to it.

Supplements will push in

Supplements are not the beginning and the end to gain muscle mass. however, it will help when a good training program and proper nutrition protocol is added. I like to add protein powders like creatine, beta and L-aniline Gluatamine and maybe a Vitargo (carbohydrates slow release) or any job out sugars.

Along with above mentioned tips, here are some cardinal sins:

  • Not getting enough rest or nutrition
  • Spending hours in the gym
  • Doing too much cardiovascular exercise
  • not follow a training regimen that allows muscle hypertrophy

Any of the above and you will not gain muscle.


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