Varun Dhawan prepares for his new film Dishoom with Pilates

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Varun Dhawan Abs

Varun Dhawan, the Student actor Year everything is ready for its new, next production Dishoom . In order to prepare for the role the actor has been exercising and lifting weights. But it is also doing something very different – Pilates. Varun in recent months has led to the addition of Pilates to your exercise regimen four times a week.

In a statement to Mumbai mirror, his coach Namrata Purohit said, ‘Varun has been working tirelessly to increase its flexibility, stability and core strength. He has to go at full speed in his next two films Dishoom and Dilwale . “He adds that the actor tries something new in each class to test their coordination and strength

With the slogan’ real men do Pilates’ says Varun Namrata never miss a session and is always ready for a challenge . While Varun not admit I had some injuries before going to Namrata, but as the exercise maintains that becomes stronger.

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In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Varun said, “I am passionate about fitness. With two films on the floor, I have to be on the roll.”

Namrata explains that Pilates is for all but the training regimens differ depending on the body type of the person and the goal. He adds: “For example, most men have a strong upper body, but a weak waist and hips This was the problem with Varun also So we worked on strengthening these areas and improve flexibility [

regarding favorite Varun exercise, Namrata says he prefers those that are relaxing and enjoying exercises in the “reformer” and “chair”. She says she works out in multiple muscle groups simultaneously, pointing to the deeper and smaller to prevent injuries muscles. This month we have added exercises in the Pilates Cadillac which is suspended in the air. This exercise works out your biceps and triceps.

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the actor added that all this training helps you perform sequences best stunts in his upcoming films, where it uses no body doubles

image Source. Varun Dhwan Instagram

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