The sound of food can impact how much you eat

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The sound of food can impact how much you eat ;


Sound of Food and Eating Behaviour The sound of food could affect the way the food experience!

Most people have eaten a bag of popcorn during a movie, a bag of chips while watching TV, or pizza during the Super Bowl.

Mindless Eating on the sofa has been identified as a major contributor to weight gain and a host of health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure , and diabetes type 2.

the reason why you can eat as much in the front of the screen is not fully understood.

sight, smell, taste and play a very important role when eaten, but one of the most neglected senses when it comes to eating habits is the sound. It may seem strange, but makes the sound of the impact of how much you eat food?

The sound of Food 😕 What happens when the crunch is heard

Brand New research shows that background noise can distract from the sound of eating, silencing subliminal signals about when you’ve had enough. Eating foods that are crunchy, for example, can play a role in how much you eat. A recent experiment published in the Journal of Food Quality and Preference studied participants were instructed to chew loudly, softly, or not paying attention at all. In another experiment, they were given a pair of white noise produced headphones to wear while eating crunchy food.

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The sound on headphones basically mimicked the distractions of listening to music or watch TV while eating. It turned out that people who were less aware of the sound of their food ate more, and those focused on chewing ate significantly less. Focusing on food or hear the sounds of creaking makes you more aware of the act of eating, helping to prevent distracted consumption.

And although I’m not suggesting you eat in silence every day, this lends a little more support for the theory that you should eat at the table, away from the noise of the television. Think about turning off the TV or turn the music down while eating, and instead, use the time for quiet and reflection.

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The subconscious signals that provides the sound of food and food can help signal when you have had enough, they could play an important role in controlling appetite and weight paper.

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