Kraft expands recall of cheese slices to include 350,000 cases

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Plastic someone? Yes, I do not think so. Nobody wants to take a bite of his sandwich and choke on a piece of plastic, however, that is exactly what is happening to people all over the country.

Last week, Kraft issued an expanded recall his Kraft Singles American cheese slices because they pose a choking hazard. Here’s the scoop on the situation and some suggestions to avoid such risks in the future.

The skinny on Kraft Singles

On September 3, 2015, the Kraft Heinz Company issued a press release announcing an extension of the voluntary withdrawal slices of American cheese wrapped individually. According to the company, a thin plastic strip can remain in the slice of cheese, posing a choking hazard. Kraft initially published the withdrawal of 36,000 cases, July 31, 2015, but has since expanded the recall to include another 335,000 cases in the light of customer complaints about nuisance packaging.

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The Kraft Singles retired Americans and white Kraft American cheese singles include one, three and four-pound packages coded S54 or S55 manufacturing. Packages printed with “best when used by” dates ranging from 12 December 15 to March 2, 16 are included in the recall.

The Kraft Heinz Company said customers should not eat any item removed from the market. Instead, they must return to the store where they were purchased for a refund. If your family eats Kraft Singles, you may want to check the deli drawer in the refrigerator case.

What to eat in place

Want to avoid cheese slices could end up killing you? We recommend processed cheese products of commercial organic cheese wrapped plastic. If you eat dairy products, organic cheese provides a lot of nutrients that are not present in processed varieties.

People have been making and eating cheese for thousands of years, and for good reason. Cheese acts as a way of preserving milk for later consumption, and in its natural state has a great source of high-quality amino acids and proteins. Cheese also provides us with omega-3 fats increase health, and vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B2 and B12.

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KraftRecallon_Cheese_Slices_640x359 The processed cheese like Kraft Singles, has been modified so that the cheese loses most of its nutritional value. While natural cheese is a fermented milk product with minimal ingredients, it is pasteurized processed cheese and includes ingredients such as sodium phosphate, sodium citrate or coloring agents. As a good rule of thumb, any cheese that does not require refrigeration is one to avoid.

we found that almost any grocery store with a section of organic or natural food takes a couple of varieties of cheese on organic slices, or consider buying cheese produced by local farmers. It’s a great way to avoid the two pieces of plastic traitors and chemicals and additives in most commercial sandwich slices on the market.

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Tell us about your favorite organic cheese. How do you like to eat?

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