Training Michael B. Jordan

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Training Michael B. Jordan ;

michael jordan workout body of Michael B. Jordan in the Creed was something to behold. It was transformed from a thin, middle frame to a physical stunning that has left many people wondering how you can accomplish the same feat!

famous workouts are usually intense, calculated and determined to turn ordinary people into superheroes, but training Michael B. Jordan, training or any celebrity for that matter, is no different from what you or I would do in terms of process.

Now, you may not have the time or money to spend four hours a day in the gym, after all, preparing for a blockbuster million dollars is not a luxury most of us has- but with time I can get the same body that he did, as the actor has shared his training routine. Here are lean muscle Michael B. Jordan secrets to building size and definition.

What is the training routine Michael B. Jordan?

In order to achieve the body Jordan had in the Creed, a multifaceted approach is required. transformations training celebrities rely heavily athletic conditioning (fat loss) and hypertrophy (muscle growth). To achieve this aesthetic, the training routine Michael B. Jordan uses various forms and intensities of cardio, weight training and plyometrics. This is what his film training seemed Credo:

He did 45 to 60 minutes of cardio a day. This was probably done in the morning, but it is also effective to divide it into two sessions. Cardio mode was varied, as was the intensity; all sprints, and plyometrics intervals are used.

These were trained every other day, with each exercise conducted as three sets of 25 repetitions. We used the following circuit:

crunches lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat, and
his flat torso. Contract your abs so that your
shoulders come up off the ground and hold it for one second.
Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Keep your
hands either behind the head or chest at
avoid pulling his head up.
leg raises Lie down on the floor, place your hands under the bottom of
back and make a diamond with thumbs and forefingers
fingers. Slightly raise your shoulders and raise your legs
above the earth and contract the abdominal muscles to do
distance between the chest and as small as possible hips.
reverse crunches Lying on the fully extended back, keep the torso
firmly to the floor and contract the abdominal muscles
to pull your knees so close to your head as possible.
toe touches Lie down on the floor with arms fully extended above the head
. Brace your abs as you pull your legs and arms up
off the ground, touching your toes with your fingers at the apex
Crunches With your back flat on the floor and knees bent (keeping
their flat feet), keep your hands on the sides of the head as
you contract the abdominal muscles to pull
his chest near his knees. superior
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body training exercises

For the upper body development, the training routine Michael B . Jordan focused on compound movements using supersets. A superset is when two exercises are done so without any rest in between.

Press / push-up superset: Each set of dumbbell presses with 15 pushups superset. He used the training pyramid: gaining weight in each series while going down on replays, despite the 15 push-ups remained constant. The rest between each superset was 15 to 30 seconds (the longer breaks coincided with the heaviest / less reps weight).

Superset 1 10 dumbbell presses / 15 pushups (15 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 2 9 dumbbell presses / 15 pushups (20 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 3 8 dumbbell presses / 15 pushups of arms (25 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 4 7 dumbbell presses / 15 pushups (30 seconds rest after pushups)
superset 5 6 dumbbell presses / 15 pushups

Fly / superset push-up: this follows the same formula of the previous superset, but this time will perform sets of 10 repetitions of push-ups; flies imitate rep ranges presses. Rest periods ranging from 15 to 30 seconds while the weight increases.

Superset 1 10 flys cufflink / 10 pushups (15 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 2 9 flys / 10 pushups (20 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 3 8 flys / 10 pushups cufflink cufflink of arms (25 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 4 7 flys cufflink / 10 pushups (30 seconds rest after pushups)
Superset 5 6 flys cufflink / 10 pushups

work dumbbell curls and hammer: to refer to the biceps, do four sets of 15 repetitions for heavy work, and three sets of 12 repetitions of curl hammer, with 30 seconds rest between sets.

curl dumbbell bicep 4 x 15 30 seconds rest between sets
biceps hammer curls 3 × 12 30 seconds rest between sets

bribes dumbbell / superset sauces: by this superset, you will do four sets of 15 reps dumbbell kickbacks, it moves immediately to 20 repetitions of falling bank. Take a break of 30 seconds between each of the four series.

bribes dumbbell / sauces 4 x 14 illegal / 4 × commissions 20 dives 30 seconds rest between supersets

Series Plyometry lower body and lateral movement improved

in order to train your lower body and get what used functional movements used to shoot scenes of intense boxing coach Jordan put it through a circuit of high-intensity plyometrics. The circuit was completed three times without rest between exercises, but there was a two-minute rest between circuits.

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box or bench step-ups 20 per leg
box jumps or jump over a step 20 repetitions
sidesteps in a box or bench 20 per leg
squats Jump 20 repetitions
Burpees 15 repetitions
Bank pushups 25 repetitions

boxing training
at the end of each workout, Jordan put the finishing touches on their physique to undergo intense boxing training state. These boxing sessions lasted three hours.

  • Hitting the sack
  • Hitting the speed bag
  • Hitting gloves
  • Jump Rope

as you can see, the training regimen Creed Michael B. Jordan was essentially a full time job, as most workouts are celebrities. If you can not get it all done in the same period of time, do not worry about it, you can still reach the same results using a schedule that is more conducive to your everyday life.

What is the plan of the daily diet of Michael B. Jordan?

If you want a body like Adonis Johnson (the character of Jordan in the Creed), you have to harden your diet. Credo Michael B. Jordan diet is easy enough for anyone to follow, although it should be noted that portion sizes can vary according to their individual needs. Jordan was able to eat lots of good size along their diet and still maintain a caloric deficit because the amount of work I was doing every day. When you are coming up with their needs, pay attention to their own weight and activity level. You can get an idea of ​​your caloric needs with our calorie calculator .



Number eating Carbohydrates Protein Fat Timing
1 45 grams
(oats, brown
rice, sweet
6 eggs whites1
whole egg
naturally occurring
fats in the egg yolk, rice
after the morning
cardio (30 to 60
minutes after waking)
2 35 grams
(cut steel
protein shake
(one or two
2.5 to 3 hours after
food Approximately 1
or two hours before training
3 65 grams
(oats, brown
rice, sweet
potatoes) -1-
green cup
8 ounces
lean protein
(chicken breast,
turkey breast,
tilapia, tuna,
eye ​​of round,
naturally occurring fats
in the source proteins
immediately after
4 35 grams of
carbohydrates (oats,
brown rice,
8 ounces of
lean protein
(chicken breast,
turkey breast,
tilapia, tuna,
eye ​​of round,
naturally occurring fats
in the protein source
2.5 to 3 hours after
3 meal
5 35 grams of
carbohydrates (oats,
brown rice,
protein shake
(two tablespoons)
2 hours after food 4
6 1 green cup 8 ounces of
lean protein
(chicken breast,
turkey breast,
tilapia, tuna,
eye ​​of round,
1 tablespoon olive oil
coconut oil, butter or nut
2-3 hours
5 catering from 30 to 60
minutes before bedtime
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Jordan also received a feedback period “trap” 7:00 pm Saturday to 7:00 pm Sunday where he was free to eat whatever I wanted, without going too far over your daily requirements. Refeeds are typically 500 to 1,000 calories above your limit diet, depending on progress, metabolism, etc.

How Michael B. Jordan builds lean muscle

workout plan and diet of Michael B. Jordan allowed him to build his body Credo, working hard, focus on building principles muscle and fat loss that have existed for decades. Your diet allowed him to obtain the proper nutrients needed to build muscle mass and lose excess fat, and to provide enough to withstand the grueling training sessions, long energy.

many repetitions to help grow and define your muscles are used, while the use of various forms of cardio to shed body fat. His diet was high in protein and high in carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, with a minimum of fat, probably only take in about 30 grams per day to avoid excess calories. This is only a dietary option for people looking to build muscle and lose fat. The days of feedback allows Jordan to increase their fat intake to regulate hormones and absorb important vitamins. He also threw a curve your metabolism to increase muscle growth.

What was the BMI of Michael B. Jordan? It is Michael B. Jordan in the overweight category?

Jordan put on 24 pounds of lean muscle in preparation for his role as Adonis Johnson, probably pushing your body mass index, or BMI in the overweight category. Most individuals, low muscle fat are considered overweight according to the scale of BMI, which shows that it is a flawed system when it comes to measuring the overall health and risk of heart attack. lean mass within reason, is associated with better glucose response and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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