This is what happens if you massage this point in my ear!

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Dr. Marcos Sandomirski, Russian physician, professor and psychiatrist, advises patients how to get rid of the consequences of stress in a very simple and easy.

Causes of stress are different and people experience them differently.

ear massage

After stress that stay with unpleasant feelings, discomfort or pain in certain body parts.

The first thing to do is take the feelings that hurt you. Do not keep them to himself.

and then remove all physical consequences of stress. Here psycho-reflex therapy will help.

One fact is that nature created anti-stress points in our body.

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All you need to do is to massage them and remove all traces of stress.

An ancient Chinese doctor named Shen men this point or in translation “The door sky” because its treatment brings celestial energy in your body.

Shen Men point is deep and incredible point that helps improve overall body health, reduces stress and the flow of energy.

This acupressure point also reduces inflammation and addiction and its treatment reduces pain anywhere in the body.

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