5 Youtube Channels to be Followed, If you want to Grow Taller

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Are you embarrassed with his short stature and feel low on confidence. You are determined to do something about it, but do not know where to start. Therefore, be happy because there is good news for you !!!! With the advancement of technology is very easy to learn about anything from anywhere in the world and would not in any text or graphic presentation, but learning from a video tutorial. Youtube is a platform of this type online video-sharing property of Google. Here we will discuss some awesome videos that can help in achieving a few more inches.


Before you start looking for the solution let’s take a look at the problem. You have to wonder why you remain short heighted after 18 . Are the genes or your lifestyle? There are some videos on Youtube that will probably help in finding the reason for the stoppage of increased height.

You will find out that how a few inches of height hides in its current position. Those few inches are hidden behind the bad posture like slouching, round shoulders, hunching etc. These multimedia presentations tells you about the scientific reasons behind poor posture, for example, lack of physical training or exercise can weaken your abdominal and back muscle that result in unbalancing of the muscles. Because of this the spine takes an unnatural position or hump that cuts at least two inches in height . You can find video by medical professionals that help correct your posture through exercise and changing their habitual ways of standing, sitting and other postures.

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When you finally find out the cause of his short stature can look out for the solution of this problem. There are many videos that gives you information on how to combine healthy diet, exercise and pressure points in the region of the head to add some extra inches to your height. Beside the pressure points that other methods such as yoga asanas and stretching exercises that can add some inches to your height. flexibility is given to your body and helps in increasing height.

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in this case, we are talking about five channels stunning video that will help in achieving a high and attractive body

Mike Andrew

Link to Youtube channel – the stretching muscles helps in muscle strengthening, unbalancing prevents muscle, correct posture problems and gives flexibility to your body. The videos of Mike Andrew shows ten simple exercises of stretching as jumping, vertical hanging, vertical curve, raise the cobra, standing vertically-stretched, lying two-way stretch, bend by foot, kick, ankle weights and inversion table. These exercises can be easily done at home and are among some of the best stretching exercises to gain height.

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Link to Youtube Channel – Here you can find some of the best videos of exercises that help in obtaining high even post puberty. The best part of these exercises is that they do not take more than 10 minutes to perform. The videos show stretching hands and body, along with breathing techniques that makes your body relax and stimulate the release of growth hormone in the body height.

Yoga by Baba Ramdev

Link to Youtube Channel – Baba Ramdev is a famous name in teaching yoga and he explains how you can increase your height yoga, how and where it will affect your body and what to take or avoid in your diet and life during yoga practices.

Grow Taller Training

Link to Youtube Channel – Another YouTube channel dedicated to gain height is Grow Training Workshop i demonstrates exercises by yoga teachers trained showing you various yoga techniques to increase your height [

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Secrets of Asian beauty

Link to Youtube Channel – This is another channel that tells the tips and tricks that can make your personality attractive general. The video shows some Chinese techniques working on your pressure points and stimulates the production of growth hormone height. Furthermore, you are informed about the diet that helps in increasing its height by adding vitamins and minerals to your body.

So here they have learned about the science behind the height factor, the reasons for the growth arrest and how it can be activated again with a healthy diet, technique and good practice. Always remember Internet is only a means of knowing things, but the main hero in the photo is his effort. Make an honest effort and results.

5 Youtube Channels to be Followed, If you want to Grow Taller, article source:findhealthtips.com

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