First intensive program for child victims of sexual abuse

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The Be Brave Ranch, whose programming little warriors commissioned University School of Medicine and Dentistry of Alberta to develop under Dr. Peter Silverstone and Dr. Jacqui Linder, is the first and only such center offering intensive treatment, dedicated and multimodal survivors of child sexual abuse (8 to 12 years).

 First Intensive Program for Child Sexual Abuse Victims First intensive program for child victims of sexual abuse

The University of Alberta and the expected small warriors announced preliminary results of clinical trials conducted in the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch, confirming that the intervention program four weeks significantly reduced the psychological impact of child sexual abuse. As the first to demonstrate such intensive clinical impact program, these results suggest a breakthrough for lasting mental health of child survivors of sexual abuse and far-reaching results of this severe trauma.

“With child sexual abuse that affects millions of children, the Be Brave Ranch clinical trial represents an important milestone for children, families and society as a whole. “

Clinical trials evaluated this new treatment model, which offers the surviving children with a unique opportunity to access individual and group therapy in a residential environment with peers who have suffered similar traumas.

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The results, published in Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior , confirms the success of the program, the measurement of a significant reduction in symptoms. This includes a 25% reduction in scores of children with disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a reduction in the number of children suffering from PTSD (14 children below 26) and a reduction significant in depression and anxiety. The forecasts also denotes a smaller issues related to mental health and enriched the results of these children in the future, which could improve social and economic outcomes.

“The brave be the caliber Ranch offers comprehensive treatment that sexually abused children need and deserve,” says Glori Meldrum, founder and president of small warriors. “With peer support, various therapies to reach different personalities, and immersion complete program, we have seen impacts and significant growth. Our results of clinical trials confirm everything we’ve worked, and we are excited to continue to help children to become happy, healthy adults. ”

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With child sexual abuse affects millions of children in North America, and multiple psychiatric and physical results identified long term, the completion of this phase of BE clinical trials Bravo Ranch represents an important for children landmark, families and society as a whole. “Successful programs can not only reduce the suffering of the surviving children, but can also significantly lower future costs of health care by changing the trajectory of the health of children,” says Dr. Peter Silverstone, professor of Psychiatry at the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

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“These initial results show that the application of various methods of intensive treatment, can affect the individual and overall results of child sexual abuse. In simple terms, we have discovered a new hope for this horrible crime.” Following these results, small warriors and the University of Alberta to continue the plan to help survivors of child sexual abuse andheal and their families to be brave ranch.

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