Mozart and Strauss Music effective to reduce hypertension

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is well known legend listening to Mozart’s music can soothe your mood, it can also help lower blood pressure as well and stabilize the heart rate, says new research.

Mozart and Strauss Music Effective to Reduce Hypertension Mozart and Strauss effective in reducing hypertension Music

The results showed that listening to classical music teachers of Wolfgang Mozart and Johann Strauss the younger for 25 minutes could reduce blood lipid levels and heart rate.

“Listen to Mozart lowered systolic blood pressure by 4.7 mm Hg and 3.7 mm Hg Strauss. Diastolic blood pressure was also reduced by 2.1 mm Hg for Mozart and 2.9 mm Hg for Strauss.


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The study analyzed 60 participants who were exposed to 25 minutes of music by Mozart, Strauss or ABBA – a Swedish pop group formed in Stockholm in 1972.

Another group of 60 participants were assigned to a control group who spent his time in silence.

Mozart lowered the systolic pressure (the top reading) BP – the pressure in blood vessels when the heart beats – by 4.7 mm Hg, 3.7 mm Hg Strauss, while no substantial effect was seen by songs ABBA.

Diastolic blood pressure (the lower reading) – when the heart rests between beats – also fell by 2.1 mm Hg for Mozart and 2.9 mm Hg for Strauss.

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“It has been known for years that music has an effect in humans. In our study, listening to classical music result of lower blood pressure and heart rate. These falls in blood pressure is clearly expressed by the music of Mozart and Strauss, “Hans-Joachim Trappe und Gabriele volts Ruhr University Bochum in Germany said.

“But the music of Mozart had the strongest effect,” he added.

In addition, at rest in a supine position also led to reduced blood pressure, but the effect it was much less pronounced than for exposure to the music of Mozart and Strauss.

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Furthermore, after exposure to music cortisol levels Mozart and Strauss found himself dropped more in men than in women.

quiet music of a slow tempo, long legato phrases, and do not change the dynamics that are considered beneficial for the cardiovascular system, according to the article published in the journal Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt International.

Source: IANS

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