Robot art for diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer support

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In the United States, doctors are currently treating the entire prostate cancer. The world-renowned iSR’obotTM Mona Lisa makes her way to the United States. This provides urological surgeons with a tool for diagnosing prostate cancer earlier through accurate diagnosis and precise location that can allow treatments aimed at the future.

 Cutting-Edge Robot to Diagnose and Support Treatment of Prostate Cancer Cutting-Edge robot for supportive treatment of prostate cancer and diagnose

University of Alabama at Birmingham is one of two beta sites in the United States to receive this new image guidance system. Lead researcher Soroush Rais-Bahrami, determine the usefulness of computers for potential clinical use in setting innovations Lab UAB Urologic Oncology through a pre-clinical pilot project, “Platform Phantom-Based Evaluation of a novel trans-perineal prostate Cancer Detection and Treatment. ”

‘The iSR’obotTM world renowned Mona Lisa makes her way to the United States, providing urological surgeons with a tool for diagnosing prostate cancer earlier through accurate diagnosis and precise location targeted treatments that can allow in the future. “


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“As the only hospital in the Southeast have the robotic device Mona Lisa, the entry of our team on the device will help shape the future of diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, not only for our patients UAB but also to patients worldwide, “said Bahrami rasing, assistant professor in the Department of Urology and Radiology Department at UAB. “Our reaction will help modify and make the robot already successful better as launches in the United States for research and clinical application.”

The robotic platform created by Mona Lisa Biobot surgical techniques used magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound fusion biopsy to guide a robot of suspicious lesions. Melting software helps the needle location is performed when a biopsy procedure, providing pinpoint accuracy. With researchers from the UAB, the device is being developed to plan the focal minimally invasive therapy for treating prostate cancer in the future.

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Ultimately, the Mona Lisa will be used for focal therapy or directed through the image to the orientation and location of treatment for prostate cancer. More than a thousand patients in Europe and Asia are already receiving biopsies with the robotic device Mona Lisa.

Jeffrey Nix, assistant professor in the Department of Urology at the UAB professor, said. “We have the ability to fuse MRI and ultrasound to identify the exact location of cancer, we are excited to give personal attention to each of our patients and we hope the day we can manage localized treatment with the use of the Mona Lisa. ”

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The Mona Lisa is being integrated as an investigation by a multidisciplinary team founded and co-directed by Drs. Rais-Bahrami and Nix. The Custom Deposit Program Prostate Cancer Care experts combines urology, radiology, radiation oncology, medical oncology and pathology to determine the best course of treatment for each patient with prostate cancer.

UAB researchers are using phantom studies and 3-D custom molds prostates to demonstrate the principle that biopsies with a spatial accuracy of selected regions can be performed.

Biobot after receiving the approval of the Food and Drug Administration for the RM-American Fusion software, UAB expects to begin clinical trials that patients with prostate cancer by qualified biopsy could benefit from using this device.

BK Medical Surgical Systems Biobot and provide support for the evaluation of this team

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