Tampons trenches for the menstrual cup for menstrual cramps Reduce

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Using menstrual cup instead of tampons can improve your sex life, according to a recent survey. Usually made of rubber and shaped like an egg cup or funnel, the cups are inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid and can be used for up to 12 hours before needing to be emptied, she reported the Daily Mail.

Ditch Tampons for Menstrual Cup to Reduce Menstrual Cramps Ditch buffers to reduce menstrual cup menstrual cramps

It costs around 25 pounds and a duration of 10 years, is said to reduce dryness and help vaginal muscles stay strong. To mark the Day menstrual hygiene, feminine hygiene company Intimina 1,500 women asked how her periods had changed since swapping buffers for a cup.

‘menstrual cup helps reduce dryness, improve sex life and helps the vaginal muscles stay strong. “


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Of the participants, 26 percent said their sex lives had improved since the use of a cup due to decreased vaginal dryness and improves tone; 46 percent said their sleep was better; 84 percent said they felt safer during the period; and 78 percent felt more comfortable with her body.

According to Intimina, 66 percent of women reported decreased vaginal dryness; 34 percent experienced fewer and less severe cramps; and 62 percent reported less odor. The five main reasons why women surveyed were changed to a cup: For health benefits, for longer use time; to save money, to help protect the environment; and for comfort. (ANI)

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Source: ANI

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