The emotional attachment to the wife, family, friends leads to the decrease of testosterone in men

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has long been known that men who cooperate amicably with their female companions in the upbringing and child care often have more aggressive than their counterparts and sometimes cranky lower levels of testosterone. Two anthropologists from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana have suggested that not only the spouse, but other relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors can play a role too.

 Emotional Bonding With Wife, Relatives, Friends Leads to Lower Testosterone in Men emotional attachment to the wife, family, friends leads to decreased testosterone in males

The study revealed that emotional relationships with not only his wife but also with siblings, friends, neighbors and coworkers can result in low testosterone levels with age.

’emotional relationships with not only wife, but also with siblings, friends, neighbors and coworkers may result in lower levels of testosterone in men, helping them become more protective. The results suggest that social side effects of testosterone supplementation in elderly men should be carefully studied. ‘


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Gettler T. Lee, assistant professor of anthropology, said:.. “Compared with men, parents and married men often have lower testosterone believe that this helps them to be more protective We are the first to show that this also applies to other social relations. ”

Rahul C. Oka, assistant professor of anthropology, said: “Our findings suggest that social side effects of these supplements of testosterone in older men should be studied carefully.”

While testosterone is lowered with age, the potential social benefits that can accompany low testosterone suggest that it is not all doom and gloom. The authors said, “We hope our findings, the connection of these two areas, help stimulate further discussions on social support, biology and welfare”.

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The document appears in Hormones and Behavior

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