‘Yoga Sadhguru Tools’ App Releases Seven practice yoga in India Video demonstration

Oct 8, 2016 | | Say something

Sadhguru learn yoga through an application. Under the first International Day celebrations yoga, Isha Foundation offers seven video demonstrations of yoga practice 5 minutes each in their ‘Tools Yoga Sadhguru’ application.

'Yoga Tools from Sadhguru' App Releases Seven Yoga Practice Video Demos in India ‘Sadhguru Yoga Tools’ App Releases Seven Yoga Practice Video demonstration in India

But the founder of the organization Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev explains: “This is not serious Yoga, this is called as upayoga or Yoga Pre Is a springboard for yoga We want people to have an idea of ​​yoga and experience and well-being.. it offers. Since they can move to higher levels of yoga later “.


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In Chennai, southern India, about 15,000 people joined the celebrations of the Day of Yoga to learn some asanas or postures. Definition of yoga as science and technology for inner well-being, the Sadhguru says it is important that discipline is released from the cultural origins of India and the UN declaration does just that.

“If you make it very Indian, the world will not take it. We must free yoga national borders and make it available to all human beings on the planet,” he said.

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