11 proven home remedies for menstrual pain, from women who swear by them

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Periods An inevitable truth that every woman has to face and endure and most do so with total patience. However, what makes menstruation harder to manage is menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea. Many women experience mild to severe menstrual cramps just before and during their period.


And since this is a phenomenon as old as women, home remedies have always been an integral part of the treatment of menstrual pain.

    11 proven home remedies for menstrual pain, from women who swear by them

Painful periods, also called dysmenorrhea, are not uncommon: pain is due in large part to menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen and sometimes back pain.

We asked 11 women from all over India what their home remedies are to treat menstrual pain, and this is what we discovered.

1. Black tea with ginger

“Menstrual cramps during the cold winters in Uttarakhand can be unbearable. Fortunately, black tea with ginger (without sugar) has helped me deal with the cold and menstrual cramps. Scientifically also, black tea is rich in antioxidants that help relieve the sensation of dull cramps in the belly. In addition, the addition of ginger to tea acts as an analgesic and relieves pain completely. " Sonia, 24 years old, Dehradun

2. Go for a walk

"Usually, I don't have many cramps, but when I do, I get up from the couch and go for a walk or do any physical activity. A quick walk usually works better. Walking is good for your health. It increases circulation and relieves the pain gradually. " Natasha, 28, Faridabad

3. Jumping in bed

“All I really want to do during my period is curl up in bed with the biggest dildo I can find. But that only makes me focus more on cramps. So when my sister told me about her friend at the hostel that she would start jumping in her bed as soon as her cramps got worse, I obviously thought it was a crazy idea. But some of the best ideas are a little crazy, right? I tried it and it worked like a charm. It makes your blood flow and not, in general, it does not bleed more than normal. It works like any other light exercise, you just don't have to wear your sports bra and running shoes. " – Divya, 27, Jaipur

4. The great O

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“Okay, so I know this might be a little out there, but an orgasm always helps with my menstrual pain. Obviously you can't masturbate anywhere, so it's a bit complicated, but at least when I'm at home, alone and free, I'd rather do that than take a pain reliever. Also, it will help you sleep like a baby. " Aditi, 25 years old, Bangalore

5. The heat that helps

“I always use a hot pad and also try to drink hot water. Trust me, it is very effective when it comes to menstrual pain. Also, drink tea during menstruation to control cramping. ”- Parul, 28, New Delhi

6. Milk tea with brown sugar, a pillow on the back and something comforting on television.

"We've all heard about girls who have terrible cramps, or even vomiting because their menstrual pain is absolutely unbearable. Fortunately, some of us have it much easier. On the days of a lot of flow, a steaming cup of chai with jaggery and home comforts they are enough to relieve my discomfort. Doctors and grandmothers everywhere agree that hot drinks help with cramps, and brown sugar, which has a little iron, some selenium and a great taste , helps to avoid anemia and bad mood in equal measure. " Chanpreet, 37, New Delhi

7. Eat through pain

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“The menstrual pain I experience is often paralyzing and leaves me exhausted and hungry. But instead of enjoying junk food (which can make you feel more bloated and soda than your period), I give myself to the trio of fish, mushrooms and chocolate. All three have surprising anti-inflammatory effects, so their pain will soon disappear. An additional incentive is the fact that baked fish and mushrooms followed by half a bar of dark chocolate are an incredible and effortless meal! ”- Shreya, 31, New Delhi

8. A little wine for your problems?

"It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, I think a hot glass of hot wine helps me get rid of my menstrual cramps better than anything else in the world." The aroma is refreshing, the sweetness is relaxing and alcohol simply relaxes my muscles. Try a glass before bedtime during your next period and I'm sure you will sleep soundly and painlessly like me. " – Rashmi, 29, Chandigarh

9. Turmeric milk and other good things to eat.

“Usually, I take a hot shower or keep a bottle of hot water on my stomach to keep it warm. Drinking turmeric milk (just a pinch of turmeric in hot milk) along with the dates also helps me deal with pain and menstrual cramps. I drink a lot of fluids; Simple water, glucose water and juices to stay hydrated. I try to eat iron-rich foods like spinach and apply pressure on some pressure points such as the back. I also like to eat seeds like sunflower seeds, since they are a rich source of minerals. Things to avoid: eat citrus foods, spicy foods and wear tight clothes. " Shalu, 24 years old, Bhopal

10. Let the pain go away

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"Not only do I have cramps during my period. It seems that every muscle in my body has decided to harden, and a hot water bottle just won't cut me. So, I take a hot shower or bath and keep my whole body warm. That it always helps. " – Anwesha, 34, Calcutta

11. A herby solution

“When I feel discomfort due to cramps or menstrual pain, I turn to seeds of carambola or ajwain. I take a teaspoon of carambola seeds with boiled water. For unpredictable cramps, I usually carry with me a small number of carambola seeds wherever I go. " – Renu, 19, New Delhi

For more information, read our article on menstrual pain.

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