3 home remedies to avoid at all costs

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When someone is hurt or injured, the first thing they do is resort to home remedies to get instant relief. They are safe, easy and have been used for a long time. In addition, they have minimal side effects. But it is not worth trying all the home remedies, sometimes it can make the situation worse. Here are three ancient home remedies that you should avoid at all costs.

Do not use butter to treat a burn.
According to the story of the wives, it is good to use butter if you burn your hand with an iron or a hot dish. It is said that spreading butter on the burn helps relieve pain and provides instant relief. But this really is not a good idea. In fact, applying butter to the burn can cause infections and promote the growth of bacteria in the area.

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Instead of doing this, run the burn with cold water for some time. This will help eliminate the heat and stop the damage to the skin.

Do not use a tourniquet in case of excessive bleeding
The use of a tourniquet in case of bleeding is not a healthy option. Previously, it was considered good to tie his hand in case of bleeding. But according to a recent study, doing so increases the possibility of tissue damage or, worse, you may have to lose your limb. Applying direct pressure on the wound is a better way to reduce blood flow in the area. Place a clean cloth over the wound and press firmly. Keep it that way for a while. This will stop the bleeding and promote the flow of blood throughout the body.

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Do not apply any type of chemical in your court.
The application of chemical products that contain alcohol can be harmful to the skin and delay the healing process. When we apply chemicals on the wound, not only is the area cleaned, but also healthy cells are removed. Rather, you must first rinse the wound. It is a much simpler way to clean the lesion. Passing the wound through the cold water will help you get rid of waste and bacteria. After this, you can apply an antibacterial ointment.

Disclaimer: This article does not replace qualified medical advice. Consult your trusted medical professional for more information.

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