7 errors that can make constipation worse

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Constipation is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, and you are likely to know some natural remedies for constipation. However, remedies may not offer relief if you make these mistakes that worsen constipation.


Keep in mind that your constipation may persist even when you do not make these mistakes. Sometimes, constipation is a sign of serious health conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or diverticulosis. Consult a doctor if it lasts more than two weeks.

That said, you should avoid the mistakes below to relieve constipation quickly.

1. Eat processed foods

Your constipation can become a nightmare if you eat processed foods. Cookies, pasta and bread decrease digestion, which worsens constipation.

In addition, processed foods often contain fructans, which can interfere with the natural digestive process.

Most processed foods also have a high sodium content, which can reduce trips to the bathroom by reducing the water content in the stool.

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2. Stay inactive

Staying inactive due to constipation is a big mistake. I understand that severe constipation can make it uncomfortable to move, but you should try hard.

Exercise helps your digestive system work optimally. You do not have to do long and intense workouts. Even short walks or workouts at home are useful.

3. Take calcium or iron supplements

It is better to get calcium and iron from food when you are constipated. These minerals interfere with the contraction of your gastrointestinal system.

In fact, obtaining these minerals from vegan sources will also offer a lot of fiber, which facilitates constipation. Opt for these excellent vegan sources of calcium and iron sources.

4. Excessive use of laxatives

Laxatives may seem like a brilliant solution to your constipation, but using them too often can have the opposite effect. Trusting them to perform bowel movements all the time can make constipation worse.

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Use laxatives sparingly. It is better to use proven methods to relieve constipation, such as drinking lots of water and increasing fiber intake.

woman holding a chocolate bar

5. Eat chocolate

Eating a few bars of chocolate will not solve your discomfort. In fact, it can make it worse. Many people with constipation and IBS say that chocolate triggers their symptoms, according to the research.

Researchers are not sure why this is so, but ingredients such as milk and caffeine may be to blame.

6. Eat too many dairy products

You probably know that a diet high in dairy products can cause constipation by decreasing digestion. Do not eat cheese, yogurt, or other dairy products when you are constipated.

Also avoid other animals, foods such as eggs and meat, and opt for fruits rich in fiber, vegetables, beans and whole grains.

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If you can not do without dairy products, opt for lactose-free alternatives.

7. Take certain prescription medications

Most blood pressure medications can make constipation worse because they are diuretics. They rinse the water from your body, which makes it difficult for the stool to stay soft. The use of antacids to combat heartburn can also worsen constipation, especially if they contain aluminum and calcium. Antidepressants can also be problematic.

If you think your medicine is causing constipation, talk to your doctor about whether you can make any adjustments.

It will be incredibly easy for you to overcome constipation if you avoid these mistakes and take advantage of natural remedies for constipation.

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