8 Vegetables Once you buy and regrow forever! Complete guide of how to grow

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must also go for organic vegetables so it makes a lot of sense if you He is able to grow their own vegetables at home.

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It would be better to buy genetically modified plants that currently adorn most grocery stores today.

Growing your own vegetables at home require time and patience, however, but the benefits in the end worthwhile.

Here are eight (8) of your favorite vegetables that can grow in the country today.

1. Carnosa cos

Use the lower end of lettuce to grow a new one. All you need to do is plant the stem in a container with about 1/2 inch of water. In just a couple of days you will see emerging roots. Once the roots have appeared you can transfer your lettuce to the ground.

2. Your Favorite Bok Choy

After placing the root end of this vegetable in a bowl water and place it in a well lit room for about two weeks you will notice new roots, transplant after a pot full of dirt.

3. crunchy carrots

You can place your carrot tops in a bowl of water and put it in a well lit room. It will soon be his new outbreak of carrot.

4. Basil plant

Cut the stem of basil about 3-4 inches long and put it in water. To avoid viscose plant basil, be sure to change the water frequently. Place it in a well lit room, soon the roots begin to appear, as soon as they arrive about 2 inches long, you can be transplanted your basil in a pot with soil.

5. Growing Cilantro

As in its plant basil, cilantro put the stem in water and then transplanted to a pot after roots appear in a couple of months will have their new plant cilantro.

6. Growing crunchy celery

Put your bottom celery in a low bowl and place it in the Sun. Soon you will notice new leaves sprout, after about three days and then be transplanted celery in a pot with soil.

7. Medicinal Garlic

If new shoots from its place clove garlic clove observed in a pot with some water in it. You can then transfer the erupted tooth in a pot with soil.

8. Cultivate your own Scallions

can grow new scallions with older roots. Just put a root scallion inch long in a bowl with water and place it in a well lit room and in no time at all you have outbreaks of fresh chives.

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