Beat smog in a healthy way: Rujuta Diwekar's quick remedies to boost immunity

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NEW DELHI: Smog, precipitated by stubble burning and pollution, has left most of northern India breathless. Consequently, it has been a health hazard for those who venture out of their homes with many complaining of eye irritation, palpitations, cough, sore throat and respiratory problems, including wheezing. While outdoor masks and air purifiers for the home environment can help work in the short term, the body also needs to develop its immunity.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, known for her health and wellness programs, has listed some easy remedies, obtained from the kitchen cabinet, that can help the body recover lost strength and reverse harmful effects. In a Facebook post on Monday, the 46-year-old nutritionist recommended the use of some key ingredients, herbs and spices that can provide some help from air pollution.

The Mumbai dietitian highlighted the positive aspects of sugarcane and said that it overcomes the lethargy caused by smog and improves mood. He also wrote that it helps detoxify the liver, stimulates the immune system and could be the "best mid-meal option (before noon)" that can be chewed or taken as fresh juice.

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The health expert also shared two home remedies that are a sure victory.

1. Ginger powder, brown sugar and ghee laddoos
Diwekar said that this bite-sized laddoo is more effective if consumed right after returning home, defying outside air. These laddoos can prevent inflammation and the flu, keep the sinuses clean and facilitate the digestion process.

How to do
– Take equal amounts of dried ginger powder (sonth), jaggery (gur) and ghee
– Mix well and roll it into balls
– Start and end your day with a laddoo

Rujuta Diwekar's 2 home remedies will help you overcome air pollution.

2. Milk, saffron, turmeric and basil seeds – sleeping cap
According to Diwekar, this nighttime drink can keep your health under control. Breaking down each ingredient, he stressed the importance of each herb and spices used for this healthy drink. While basil seeds (soaked sabja / tulsi seeds) will overcome infections, allergies and swelling, turmeric (haldi) with milk works great as a recovery and anti-inflammatory combo. He also mentioned that saffron (kesar) oils can prevent damage to skin and hair.

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How to do
– Heat the milk and add the saffron and turmeric while it is still boiling.
– Add 1 teaspoon of basil seeds after pouring it into a cup
– You can add powdered sugar to taste

The fitness expert also shared additional tips to stay healthy during this bad weather. She said that daily indoor exercise and staying hydrated are mandatory. "Vitamin D, B12 and carotene supplements are useful in these situations," he added.

Be cautious this season: superfoods to boost immunity and keep you healthy

Slide set

Foods that increase immunity

January 25, 2018

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The monsoon is here and also the diseases. The change of season can cause several viral infections, flu and poor health conditions. The difficult season can lead to various health problems such as a sore throat, itchy nose, sneezing, incessant cough, common cold and many water-borne diseases, such as typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, diarrhea, malaria and dengue. While regular exercise and staying hydrated is important, it is crucial to consume the right foods to strengthen your immunity and overcome the disease this season. Dolly Kumar, founder and director of Gaia; Eesha Kanade, Obino health coach; Luke Coutinho, MD in alternative medicine and holistic nutritionist; and the integral health guru, Dr. Mickey Mehta, shares a list of the best foods that boost immunity and keep you healthy.

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