If you are dehydrated, these are the 10 signs

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If you are dehydrated, these are the 10 signs ;


is annoying to hear and read about drinking water, but it is important not seriously dehydrated.

2/3 of the whole body is just water! You can survive without water only a few days. Water keeps every inch of us alive; all organs, cells, tissues …

The body temperature is equilibrated with water, joints, eyes are lubricated and also improves digestion and faster, the toxins out of the body faster too and the skin is healthy and smooth.

If You Are Dehydrated, These Are the 10 Signs
If you are dehydrated, these are the 10 signs

We are not aware of the fact that we lose too much water a day and not eat much as we should compensate. People with high risk factors for dehydration are diabetics, athletes, and burn victims, compared to an average person.

If you know the signs of low water intake, you can take steps to react in time.


The most common and most “simple” sign. Not enough water will decrease the amount of fluid around the brain, so it will lead to the brain is likely to be damaged or “feel” disoriented.

When this bag lacks fluids, the brain is literally putting pressure on the skull. This is how regular migraines and head also occur. In addition, lack of water will flow under low oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

brain fog and poor concentration

Our brain, human brains are 90% water, and if we are dehydrated will show severe symptoms. The brain lacks water will produce mood changes or problems with cognitive functioning.

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If dehydration is only slight, it will affect the short-term memory at the time, the momentary perception, visual focus, the simple thought, and even psychomotor skills in all age ranges.

Also included

Mood swings; fatigue, confusion, anger or anxiety and high energy with no particular focus.

Heart palpitations

The heart is like the brain or damaged fed directly from the water intake levels. With less water, the volume levels are reduced plasma and blood worsens. The circulation will be the first thing that is affected.

Furthermore, levels of minerals will be improper – resulting from low blood pressure. Most of the time the palpitations occur if lack of potassium and blood sugar.

Bad breath

If you are dehydrated, the body produces less saliva is antibacterial. The mouth becomes dry and multiplies bacteria -. That’s what happens bad breath

The god amount of saliva is responsible for the health of the teeth as well; that prevents cavities and decaying as it makes a kind of a barrier around them and helps remove food particles trapped between the remaining teeth -. which could lead to tooth decay and bad breath

Constipation and digestion problems

With water intake, our bodies break down food easier and we can get best nutrients in this way. Water is crucial for water soluble vitamins like B complex and vitamin C. In addition, water is as a lubricant to the digestive tract, so keep it clean, supple and healthy all the time. Bowel movements will be painless and normal, so there will be constipation. With waterless, there are great chances of indigestion for a longer period of time and even heartburn.

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food craving

If you think a craving for junk food, immediately have a glass of water first and the craving will disappear. His body is unclear when such food yearns for making false signals the brain that you are hungry when really only water is needed at the time. Some bodies may have a hard time running when no water, as the liver needs water to release the glycogen in the body, among other energy sources. Very often, cravings are over sugary and sweet foods and that this occurs because the body has difficulty producing enough glycogen.

muscle and joint pain

Each joint cartilage is approximately 65-80% water. If the body lacks water bones can literally grind against the bones surrounding and produce unbearable pain in the joints. Another thing – when the magnesium level is low, the reason is dehydration and that is leading to muscle cramps, tremors, pain …

Lethargy and fatigue

the volume of blood that falls under, with fluid loss, then blood pressure rises high. The heart is “forced” to expand in order to feed the brain, skin and muscles in the form of oxygen and other nutrients. That’s why he feels very tired and often.

to be focused, well rested, alert and full of energy, drinking plenty of water.

The dry lips and dry skin

If the skin is not elastic or soft, it needs water. The largest organ of the human body is the skin and, of course, it makes sense that a lot of water is needed to look good and be healthy.

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If you drink less water, you will sweat less and what is bad, because the body will maintain itself toxins must leave also would not be able to get rid of dirt or excess fat on the skin surface. With less water, skin problems like acne, eczema or psoriasis occur quite frequently. At first glance, however, dry, chapped lips will be the most obvious sign of dehydration.

dark colored urine

Our kidneys function is to work in order to balance the whole body wellness. With a good amount of water, urine appears normal: light yellow or light yellow. That’s a healthy sign for urine, which means that the kidneys eliminate excess toxins.

But if the urine is dark or brown color, it means the kidneys changed the way back to the water body in order to preserve and maintain normal blood pressure and minerals intact.

dark urine also means high levels of toxins and also means urgent measures to rehydration.

If dehydration becomes chronic and constant, kidneys, are likely to remain covered with toxins and create kidney stones, so be careful with the intake of water!

article and Image source: www.healthiestalternative.com

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