If you urinate just before sex, Stop It Now! Here’s why!

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If you urinate just before sex, Stop It Now! Here’s why! ;


Having sex is one of the known human health, most enjoyable times nothing can be done for this pleasant moment. Sex is important for everyone and people engage in sex for different reasons, to enjoy it, to satisfy your partner, to please partner and show love.

Different people require for different reasons. Includes fantasies, anal sex, trying different poses, vaginal sex with other requirements.Sex can be leisure, pleasure or fun. Sex can also be painful, confusing or irritating. You must learn to make it smooth and large. Let, AOS discuss some dos and don, AOTS we have to take into account before sex .



make sure you’re enjoying sex; It does not mean massive moans. Make some original moan. Ultimately your spouse know, what, AOS make ready. It is a learning process no one becomes perfect at the first time, so relaxed and enjoy every moment.


foreplay plays a very important role in sex. Sex does, AOT means intercourse, means enjoying the moment. It also includes the previous game, rather than sex fever; just relax sense of pleasure and intimacy. Play with their genitals, their body , sends some naughty and dirty notes.

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try to always have a bathroom before sex at some point is not possible, but you should try to take bath. It must be thoroughly cleaned. There is nothing worse than having sex with the impure partner. Bath not only cleanses your body, but also to open their body is spilled, that make circulation rather quickly. This trick helps achieve orgasm easily. Cleaning yourself before sex also saves you from STDs and other sexual diseases.


imagination also plays an important role in good sex life. You should fantasize and should share with your partner; monotony and helps better breaks and new sex . To increase your fantasy you can see porn or you can read some articles or you can view images in magazines.

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Eye Contact

should always make eye contact with your partner, this will not only increase the union, but also make the pleasant and eternal love. It helps to know what you want another partner.

Sense of humor

is not necessary to work according to their own way. Sometimes things don, AOT go according to his plans . Instead of getting discomfort trying to make light of the situation by laughing or laughing together. The fall of bed or failure in the new pose is a common thing.


guys should know how to make her orgasm girl like she needs your help to achieve orgasm. You should know what you can make your great penetrating O. Only it’s not going to meet your requirement, please her, tease her, kiss her, bite her do what she wants.


Same sex kiss is also a part of sex, kiss place is very important in sex. people ignore kissing while having sex. It may be due to pose or bad breath . In such cases, use mouthwash before sex like kissing not only helps you lose calories but also ignite it during sex.

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Different Poses

should try different positions, sex becomes boring if you do it the same way every time. Try on the floor, sofa and table or kitchen . Try playing different character. There are certain things we can do to make sex pleasant. Besides this, there are certain things to avoid while before sex. Let, AOS share some important points.



try to shave at least 24 hours before intercourse. Shaving or waxing irritates and causes sometimes rough sex.


Earlier these were considered good for sex, but alcohol or snuff flow squeeze blood . This shows that in the long-term smoking and drinking can ruin your sex life.

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