Know the common winter ailments and effective home remedies to fight them

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The winter season brings many ailments with the appearance of low temperatures. During this time, as the condition of the environment becomes cooler, body heat generally experiences a temperature drop. These are the best remedies to combat common health problems in the winter.

Know the common winter ailments and effective home remedies to combat them


During the winter season, you can suffer from a cold, cough and sore throat very easily.


  1. Cold and flu are common problems during the winter season
  2. Ginger should be part of your winter diet
  3. Many also suffer joint pain during the winter season.

As the season of misty mornings and windy nights begins, it officially becomes the season for hot teacups and snuggling in bed. Despite all the exciting things that happen, the winter season brings many ailments with the appearance of low temperatures. In tropical countries, such as India, it is a season where temperatures fall from average annual temperatures. During this time, as the condition of the environment becomes cooler, body heat generally experiences a temperature drop. Therefore, this season brings several ailments. While some people are more vulnerable to contracting these common diseases, most can be treated by a good number of safeguards.

Common winter diseases and their effective home remedies


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1. Cold and flu

Faced with the known belief, cold and flu are not a coordinated result of falling temperatures. Numerous people suffer from bacterial or viral cold and flu. Within winter, when temperatures begin to drop, the body begins to work at full speed to control the typical body temperature. The flu, for the most part, is transmitted through the air within the environment. However, staying protected from icy winds is always beneficial. Cinnamon tea is very beneficial for the cold because it contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help improve overall health.

2. Sore throat

Sore throats are common in winter and are caused almost continuously by viral infections. A quick and simple cure for a sore throat is to gargle with warm salt water. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt and turmeric in a glass of partially cooled warm water. It will not heal the throat immediately, but it has anti-inflammatory properties and can have a relief effect.

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3. dry skin

Dry skin could be a common condition and worsens in winter when natural humidity is low. It is recommended to hydrate the skin during winter. Massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil, it will not only soften the skin but also brighten it. Have warm showers, instead of hot showers. Hot water makes the skin feel more itchy and irritated.

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4. painful joints

Many people with joint pain say that their joints ended up being more painful and firm in winter, although it is not clear why this is usually the case. There is no evidence that the reason behind the changes in the weather causes joint pain. One of the most common cures for inducing relief of joint torments is to keep warm and keep your feet warm. Along with that, wear two or three sets of thin clothes instead of a pair of thick warm clothes. Exercising regularly can improve a person's mental and physical state.

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Joint pain is a common problem during the winter season.
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5. Sinusitis

The runny nose, cough, migraines and chest congestion make people feel bad during winters. Sinus problems occur when houses are closed and there is no legitimate ventilation. To stay free of sinusitis this winter, make sure you get enough rest, eat solids, drink plenty of fluids and stay away from dust. A combination of turmeric and ginger, made together, helps to loosen the mucus of clogged nasal passages and ensure overall well-being.

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Winter is the time of enjoyment and emotion. Do not be disappointed with one of the diseases. People who exercise regularly experience less pain, have more energy, sleep better and function better day by day, in which time of day can influence how you feel when you exercise. Some safeguards can ward off these diseases to celebrate this season with the right spirit.

(Dr. Lipsa Shah- Ayurveda Consultant, Saifee Hospital)

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