Natural remedies are an integral part of the apothecaries store

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CORRALES: a new business in the town of Corrales offers health-related products that have been used for hundreds of years.

Coddiwomple & # 39; s Shoppe & Apothecary, 4484 Corrales Road, right next to the Hemporium, celebrated its grand opening last month.

The owner of Coddiwomple Shoppe & Apothecary, Kristen Hatch, has a witch dance in her new shop in Corrales. According to Hatch, a witch's ball is used to attract good energy. It carries several colors and sizes of them, along with many other natural items that can be used for health-related treatments. (Stephen Montoya / Rio Rancho Observer)

The store's owner, Kristen Hatch, who also specializes in intuitive health, said opening this store has been her dream for years.


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"This is basically the way I live my life," Hatch said as he looked at some of the unique items in his store.

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For example, the apothecary has a section of all-natural candles made from beeswax. On the south wall, near a window, there is an exhibition of different prisms that throw a rainbow kaleidoscope on the walls of the façade, naturally illuminated by the sky.

"In a way, it's like putting my diary up for sale," Hatch said.

According to Hatch, the idea of ​​opening this store has been ongoing for more than a decade.

"Over the years, I would get the idea out and ask myself if this was the right time to do the store, but something always came up, as if my husband and I were having a baby or moving, things like that." she said.

After dreaming of opening a store recently, Hatch said, he found the apothecary's location and took it as a sign of fate.

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Soon, Hatch, along with his friends and family, began transforming the 1,400-square-foot space into the store he had dreamed of having.


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The store is divided into several sections that include natural products such as herbs and incense supplied by Hatch or one of his close artist friends.

"I wanted this place to be a store that could support local artisans, that offers a sense of community," Hatch said. "It's like I'm saying, 'Come in and let me support your dream, while you support my dream'."

In the back of the store there are three rooms where Hatch will offer meditation classes two days a week. You will also have two women who practice reiki, a form of healing by contact, who attend weekly by appointment only.

"Reiki is the manipulation of energy, and it's really old," he said. "I think it comes from Asian descendants. It's like receiving an adjustment from a chiropractor, but in this sense, they're working with your energy. "

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Hatch said that a reiki treatment costs $ 55 per hour, with 15-minute sessions at a lower price.

Asked about the importance of offering traditional and natural remedies in a digital age, Hatch said that many people forget to live in their entire bodies.

"We are more than a head," he said. "I feel that we are a society that is in our brain all the time. Either we are in electronics or we think about planning for tomorrow; We are never here and now. "

Hatch said there is much more than a piece to health and well-being and that she is excited to help teach people all the ways they already have within them to self-heal.

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