Surprising Benefits of Garlic in winter, Benefits of Garlic in winter

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benefits of garlic in winter

cultivated and used for thousands of years, garlic is in the allium family, along with onions, chives and leeks. Known as the “stinking rose ‘garlic gets its aroma of sulfur-containing compounds. These are also partly why garlic so good for you.

. for all the benefits of garlic, which should be eaten fresh and raw Many people can not tolerate the taste of raw garlic, using lightly cooked is better than no use at all there, of course, powder, flakes. pasta and pill form, all of which have less to offer than fresh and raw. Just a note, if consumption of raw garlic, do not overdo it, because it can cause stomach upset.

amazing benefits of garlic in winter

prevents and treats the 1.Garlic
colds full of antioxidants, a daily dose of garlic in your recipes can benefit your immune system. If a cold not slip through, try garlic tea: steep minced garlic or hot water for several minutes, then strain and drink. You can add a little honey or ginger to enhance the flavor.

2.Garlic lowers blood pressure
Garlic has been used in China for many years as medication for blood pressure. In addition, the Japanese government officially recognized as a depressant garlic blood pressure.

3.Grow beautiful hair with garlic
Garlic could end their problems hair loss due to its high levels of allicin, a compound similar to that found in onions sulfur, which was determined to effectively treat hair loss. Rub garlic cloves sliced ​​on the scalp, squeezing as you go for the most benefit. You can also infuse the oil with garlic and massage the scalp.

4.It could reduce cancer risk
People who ate raw garlic at least twice per week they had lower rates of lung cancer than those who ate raw garlic less frequently, according to a seven-year study published in “cancer prevention Research” in July 2013. garlic can also be beneficial to prevent or treat cancer of the colon and pancreatic cancer, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center – although research is still preliminary

anti-inflammatory properties 5.Soothe psoriasis with garlic
Since garlic has shown, that could be useful in alleviating psoriasis outbreaks uncomfortable. Rub some garlic oil on the affected area to a smooth and rash free skin area.

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