The doctor warns not to burn the toothpaste after the woman's home remedy is counterproductive

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If you use Google's home remedies for burns, you will find a wide variety of strange and wonderful suggestions, from rubbing it with honey to covering it with tea bags.

And although we do not recommend trying any of these by yourself, a doctor warned you that there is one thing you should never try and use to soothe a burn.

Dr. Kamarul Ariffin, of Malaysia, has urged people not to put toothpaste on their burns, as it could have a very unpleasant side effect.

The doctor shared a warning on Twitter.
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To further prove her point, the doctor shared a horrible picture of a woman's hand, after she tried to treat a hot oil burn with Colgate toothpaste.

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Instead of improving his wound, the woman's hand had swollen to the point that it was almost unrecognizable.

The image also shows that the hand is covered in blisters that look incredibly painful.

As a result, he warned people not to use home remedies because they could cause infection and irritation.

He also revealed the damage that toothpaste can do in a horrible image.
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The doctor added that those who have suffered a burn should never burst the blisters.

Instead, all burned clothing or jewelry must be removed from the area, unless it is stuck to the skin and he recommends rinsing the wound with clean water at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes, not cold water or ice.

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This comment caused concern on Twitter, and people asked if they could apply aloe vera in the affected area or not.

Dr. Ariffin replied, "Stop the burn first, let the water run first, if it is a first degree burn, you can apply aloe vera.

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"If it's a second or third degree, consult a doctor before applying anything."

If this warning was not enough to convince you not to rub the toothpaste on a burn, take it from the manufacturers themselves.

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In a publication on its website, Colgate has also told people to only use the products for the intended purposes.

They wrote: "Toothpaste contains abrasives and detergents, which work well to clean your teeth, but not so well to relieve the pain of a burn."

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