The easiest way to get pregnant with twins … The possibilities are greater, if these steps are followed

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The easiest way to get pregnant with twins … The possibilities are greater, if these steps are followed ;

to get pregnant with twins with this tricks that finally revealed.
Many couples around the world who are trying to get pregnant, and are expecting twins. Although the chances of getting pregnant with twins naturally are only 3%, according to experts, there are things we can do to improve these odds. For example, diet, ethnicity, genetics and lifestyle play a role in whether a woman is more suited to allow you to conceive twins.

The conception of twins: Secrets Revealed

The chances are greater if these steps are followed.


Understand that probability of having twins average is around 3%. Not so high. But it is very likely that you are not the average. If you have any of the following, increase your chances. If you have many or all of the following, the highest probability get much. The opposite is also true, if you have none of those below, then the chances of twinning are extremely low.

The easiest way to Get Pregnant with Twins...The Chances are Higher, if you follow these Steps
The easiest way to get pregnant with twins … The possibilities are greater, if these steps are followed
  • Having twins “in the family”, especially on the side of his mother. I if you already have twins, the chances increase fourfold.
  • People of African descent are known to be of the highest chance of conceiving twins. These are followed by Europeans. Asians and Caucasians have the opportunity to have lower twins.
  • Your chances are better if it’s high or nourished, or even overweight.
  • also it helps if the woman has been pregnant before. Women with 4 or more pregnancies increase their chances of twins dramatically. It seems that the body is more likely to have twins after you know “can take it.” In families with a dozen or more children, the number of twin births are much higher, since they have more pregnancies.
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know that although older women are less likely to get pregnant, however, if they do, they have a better chance of having twins. The older, the probability of conceiving twins increases greatly. At the age of about 40 years, his chances are higher and move to 7%. If he manages to get pregnant at 45, chances are about 17%. Older women are more likely to get IVF and IVF is also known to increase your chance of twinning.

WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR the better your chances

Do not forget vitamins

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The low in nutrition people are less likely to have twins.

  • All vitamins are good for you, but folic acid, in particular, helps most. You can get them at any pharmacy.
  • Folic acid is recommended for all pregnant women, as it is known to prevent birth defects.However should not take more than 1000 mg optimal daily.

make sure it is well nourished, and eating certain foods

people underweight or malnourished are less likely to have twins.

  • Being well fed or overweight can increase your chances.
  • Consult your doctor about plans for weight gain. Make sure you are not just overweight, but also feeds healthily.

Eat lots of dairy products and yams

In some cultures, these foods are associated with better chances of twins.

  • A study conducted by a fertility specialist found that women who consume dairy products, while trying to get pregnant, increase your chances of having twins by as much as 5 times more than women who do not consume these foods.
  • Growth Factor

  • insulin-like (IGF) occurs in the liver of cows, is believed to be the chemical catalyst in this process.
  • According to some other studies, consumption of milk from rBGH-treated cows hormones can influence human to have twins most often women.
  • An African tribe has a diet rich in wild yam. They have a twin birth rate higher than the global average 4 times. The nutrients in the plant is believed to stimulate the ovaries to produce more than one egg during ovulation period.
  • While some physicians remain skeptical of this, there seems to be no harm in trying, yams turn out to be delicious.
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Knowing what is the right time to leave birth control

should not take birth control pills just before trying to get pregnant. When you stop taking these pills, the body goes into overdrive. It strives to re-regulate hormones. It is said that during the first couple of months, the ovaries increased, sometimes free 2 eggs.

should consult with your obstetrician / gynecologist before trying this to be safe. There are artificial means to do this too. As IVF and other drugs. Good luck!


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