The hidden secret behind toothpaste Bottom color

May 11, 2018 | | Say something

Many people do not notice the color band at the bottom of the toothpaste, or have noticed, but do not know their meaning. We will explain the meaning of the different colors that can be found at the bottom of the toothpaste, and maybe that will change the way they buy.

The different colors represent different compositions of toothpaste.

This is its meaning:

  • Green – All Natural
  • Blue – Natural + Medication
  • – Natural Red + Compounds
  • Black Chemicals – All Chemicals

Some people say that this labeling has nothing has nothing to do with the composition of the toothpaste and the composition is written in the list of ingredients.

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However, there are several articles that indicate that the colors actually represent the composition. Of course, the choice is always yours.


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