Treatment for eczema: avoiding this food may help reduce inflammation

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The treatments for eczema generally prescribed by general practitioners are emollients (moisturizers applied to the skin to stop dryness), topical corticosteroids (creams and ointments to reduce swelling and breakouts) and antihistamines (to stop itching). But treatments can work for different people, and natural remedies can be more effective. Dr. Thornber, medical director of Now Patient, said there is not a single treatment that people should avoid for eczema, but that it is important to consider diet. He said: “Looking at what you eat can help. Sometimes, foods like eggs can trigger it.

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"Foods such as fish, vegetables and green leafy vegetables have been recommended as good options to include in your diet."

Food allergy is more common in people with eczema, says the National Eczema Association.

He explains: “Among children under five who have eczema, up to 30 percent may also have a food allergy.

Allergic reactions to food can cause a variety of symptoms, including skin characteristics such as hives, itching, redness or eczema, shortness of breath and wheezing, or gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, abdominal pain or heartburn. "

The eczema body also advises: “Young children with moderate to severe eczema should have a food allergy test if they have had one of the reactions mentioned above to a food that occurred shortly after eating it.

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“Tests are also recommended if your eczema has not improved with standard medical care.

“The most important food allergies to analyze in this age group are eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. Current studies indicate that people with eczema and egg allergy feel less itchy with an egg-free diet.

“For people with other food allergies, it is not clear whether avoiding those foods will improve their symptoms. However, experts currently recommend that people with food allergies avoid foods to which they are allergic.

"Most children with a food allergy will lose their food allergy to milk, eggs, soybeans and wheat after several years, but peanut and tree nut allergy may be more persistent."

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Along with the diet, Dr. Thornber says that looking at the toiletries he wears and puts on his skin and the quality / type of clothing he wears could also relieve the symptoms of eczema.

Dr. Thornber offered some other natural remedies to try: “It is known that aloe vera gel relieves skin irritation.


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