YOUR LIFE 9 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY IN 4 MINUTES !!! This is beyond incredible !!!

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YOUR LIFE 9 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY IN 4 MINUTES !!! This is beyond incredible !!! ;

Have you ever wondered how a baby develops quickly and completely in the womb? Well, this amazing short video shows the amazing process duration; we have witnessed. It is a computerized system, fast-paced – and accurate -. Window to the womb

Here is the video description on YouTube:

Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the development of human life in the womb is simply amazing. Did you know all about you – including how high it would be, the color of his eyes and the color of his skin was all determined at the time of fertilization? Month in which he grew up in the safety and comfort of his mother’s womb until the great day of his birth finally arrived!

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YOUR LIFE 9 MONTHS OF PREGNANCY IN 4 MINUTES !!! This is beyond incredible !!!

“life in the womb” is a fascinating video that gives us the story of the unborn child, and demonstrates the development of the fetus in the womb.

The video has been viewed more than 1,00,000 times, and some of the viewers have reacted:

This is an amazing video. Only God, who created all things could create such a beautiful process. … “

” amazing how far science has come. We even know the entire process of life. But there are still some people who refuse to accept it. “

” I can not explain my feelings about the video. It’s out of my mind and heart. Best video on Youtube ever. “

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” Progress in each point is very beautiful in pregnancy – baby fashion fact, the way it forms and grows, and until his / her birth. This is why I am in favor of life, because life is life, and every fetus is given the opportunity to grow into the person God meant them to be. faith in God and their love deepens, and makes me reminisce about being pregnant with my son, who is 16 years old now … it brings u closer to God and his children, and is very valuable. It’s beautiful and emotional. God is good 🙂 “

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” This is amazing !!!!!!!!! WOW “

” This video is absolutely beautiful! There must be a God !! “

For more videos about life inside the uterus, visit the Foundation for Human Development online. There, it is rare, in utero images of unborn babies at various stages.

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