The high protein breakfast gives these health benefits

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protein breakfast has many benefits for the body. The protein can make your stomach feel full and usually digested by the body longer, so you eat a breakfast rich in protein will help to diet and slimming your body because it can make you feel fuller for all day. In addition, protein is also used by the body to build muscle and cartilage, and is necessary to maintain healthy hair and nails.
Researchers at the University of Missouri found that a protein-rich breakfast better cope with hunger and prevent overeating at noon carbohydrates or fiber. Dr. Kevin Maki conducted experiments involving women aged 18-55 years. They eat the meal contains 300 calories with the amount of fat and the same fiber. One group received a protein-containing foods as much as 30-39 grams, while the other group was given a glass of water. Researchers then track the study participants hunger throughout the morning. As a result, the group that ate a breakfast rich in proteins have higher scores of satiety.

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Meanwhile a new study published by found that the breakfast menu rich in protein, increase your appetite and thus to control glucose levels in the blood. Moreover, this study compared the results of research among people who consume less menu protein breakfast and people who eat breakfast menu with a menu full of protein such as eggs, meat and milk. As a result, they can control hunger and easier to control caloric intake at lunch.
Dr. Kristin Harris, a nutritionist from Hillshire Brands, said, the protein is one of the essential nutrients for the body. And as a consumer, you should know about how much protein intake is needed to get the maximum benefit proteins such as, for example, can control hunger.
Breakfast is important, but what you eat for breakfast is no less important. Most people like to put anything in your mouth at breakfast, with why the limited time to prepare breakfast. But often, the food you eat is high in carbohydrates, sugar, and at the same time, low-fat protein as well (for example, sugar-coated cereals, brown butter content of white bread).

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As is known, blood sugar increase the sugar quickly, but soon also reduced. As a result, the body quickly and easily lameness hunger and desire to eat excessively when lunchtime. The same applies to simple carbohydrates like white bread or Coffe, raise blood sugar quickly and gives the effect of serotonin (happy hormones) that the desire to eat will continue to appear and reappear.
Therefore, choose a breakfast that is low in sugar, high in fiber and suffer less processing (avoid nuggets, sausages, frozen chips, fried foods) to the stomach feel full longer, and the desire to eat were stuck until about lunch. healthy breakfast can be yogurt with fresh fruit, whole wheat bread with lettuce and stuffed tuna or eggs, oatmeal (make sure derived from whole wheat) or salad with a dressing of olive oil and some spray salt and pepper.

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In addition to healthy carbohydrates, also multiply protein intake. Breakfast with protein-rich foods are the main strategies to maintain weight and helps burn calories by muscle. One study found that breakfast is the only meal of the day, which increases the ability of a protein to induce satiety and satiety for longer. Make sure your high protein healthy breakfast, such as boiled eggs, yogurt, salmon, peanut butter pure (without enhancers sugar, salt or flavoring added) or protein shakes to increase metabolism and maintain ideal weight. The high protein breakfast gives these health benefits , article source:

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